INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi Kasali – LONELINESS… The Killjoy


I sat down in the luxury of my living room, watching a movie, with everything anyone could ever desire around me and all of a sudden, I slumped into the feeling of sadness, emptiness, despair and was wondering what was going on. That was when my phone rang and one of my closest associates noticed the feeling in my voice, asked what was wrong but I could not give her an answer because I was searching for one myself.

Still in shock over my sudden mood change, I started reflecting a little; I am currently on a brief vacation from the busyness of Lagos, I have a good life, I am happily married to a the sweetest woman anyone could dream of having, I have two of the finest children on earth, I have a growing church and a branch network that is thriving, I am not having financial challenges, my health is great and bubbling yet I still feel down, depressed, sad, empty… oblivious to the cause of this feeling of emptiness I watched as I got sucked in deeper into this lonely state.

LONELINESS or some may call it ALONENESS is the Killjoy that sneaks into our lives and it is usually a tool in the hands of the devil to mess up with the minds of people. I was ‘lonely’ for a moment in my living room and that horrible feeling brought along with it some other negative feelings that produced sadness and despair but I had to fight back because ‘HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE YOU MAKE NOT AN HAPPENSTANCE IN LIFE’.

Let me Inspire you on what I did to fight back, I got up and drove out to give myself a great treat, called and chatted up a few friends, bought some snacks that I love, got myself a pair of slippers that I needed and had a walk in a mall just window shopping and reflecting on Mankind. I observed Man like Solomon did and got fascinated with their activities and movements. The Lord is always right and scriptures cannot be wrong, God said in the beginning, ‘It is not Good that Man Should Be Alone…’ we often use this passage to teach marriage alone and we lose the plethora wisdom hidden in those few words… ‘IT IS NOT GOOD THAT MAN SHOULD BE ALONE…’


  1. REJOICE IN THE LORD: The Apostle Paul did not make this suggestion but actually gave a directive when he told the Philippian church to ‘Rejoice In the Lord Always and again I say Rejoice’ (Philippians 4 v 4).


  1. REWARD YOURSELF IN LIFE: Find ways of giving yourself a ‘treat’, do not work all your life for others and forget the most important person is YOU. Many people are waiting for God to reward our work of charity and forget to reward themselves with little things. Take yourself out if no one takes you out.


  1. WATCH A MOVIE: One of the common ways of ‘controlling your emotions’ is by watching a movie of your choice. I love to watch comedies and documentaries and I find out that my feelings immediately comes under my control and the devil will be unable to access my mind through my emotions.


  1. LISTEN TO A SONG YOU LOVE: I recall listening to a song by Bobby McFerrin that same night several times to the point where I was singing it loud in the store. The title of the popular song is ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ quite a rich song and very apt. Many people ignore the power of music when they are down, play music and change your mood to a happy mood. It is your choice.


  1. MEDITATE ON A SCRIPTURE: Get a verse of scripture and meditate on it momentarily and you will experience a miraculous shift in emotions. The Word Of God is Powerful and pierces into the man to the dividing of the spirit and soul. Heb 4 v 12.


  1. LISTEN TO A MESSAGE: I would not have added this but it is just as important as listening to music and watching a video. However not all messages can Inspire at the lowest point of our lives, some listen to messages that add to the moody sad feeling. Get a good message on Contentment not Prosperity that will gladden your heart not sadden it further.

I hope you have been lifted and Inspired.



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