INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi Kasali – SPIT IT OUT


The only time we spit things out of our mouths are when we feel nauseated and irritated as human beings. I ran into a very worrying thought the other day on the plane from Miami to Houston; I had to quickly pull out my iPad to jot down these thoughts and bury my head between my knees to pray for mercy without moving my lips.

I could not fathom the thought that our Lord Jesus can actually ‘reject’ or ‘spit out’ some of His own… very unthinkable and unimaginable indeed. In fact to the contrary, the scriptures that rushes into my mind is that of Jesus saying, ‘All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out’ (John 6 v 37).

The idea that our Lord Jesus, the compassionate One, who came to earth to give us Grace and not expect us to live by Law, the One who forgives sins and iniquities of many, the saviour of the weak and defender of the oppressed; who told the woman caught in the very act of adultery to go her way because He would not ‘condemn’, the epitome of Mercy and Giver of Second chances and opportunities, will SPIT OUT some people is really a tough pill to swallow and it will surely distort many theologies out there about God.

Yes, let me share the popular passage with you where Jesus said it Himself in Rev. 3:16‘So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.’ Can you fathom the fact that He said, ‘…I will Spue You Out Of my mouth?’ What a Word!!! By the way, the scriptures does not contradict itself; the earlier passage in John 6 v 37 was referring to unbelievers who come to the Lord as they are, He would not reject them at the altar of salvation while the passage above in Rev 3 v 16 is referring to believers who are ‘Lukewarm’ and arrogant about it.

I will like to quickly explain the 3 main possible states of every believer; we are in one of those state at every possible time and season of our faith and in our walk with God. I will try to Inspire you today to examine yourself and do a soul searching evaluation of their possible position in Christ.

  1. COLD BELIEVERS: These are people that used to be in faith but now have cold love towards the things of God, usually because ‘iniquity shall abound, the Love Of many shall wax cold…’(Matt. 24 v 12).This state occurs when a believer begins to wipe the lines between sin and righteousness, justifies certain sinful conducts and embraces iniquity in the name of Grace. This man will certainly become cold in the things of God.


  1. HOT BELIEVERS: These are people whose Love for God is intense and characterized by their ‘zeal’ for the things of God, they are on ‘fire’ for Him in Evangelism, Prayers, Giving, Worship, Service and Church Attendance. They are in Love with their Savior and will not be ashamed of His gospel nor a Shame to the same. These are people who work for God ‘passionately’ and are enthused with the things of God. They may even lack in knowledge but certainly not in ZEAL. (Rom 10 v 1-3).


  1. LUKEWARM BELIEVERS: These are the most dangerous people to stay with in church, they are neither here nor there, not hot nor cold, not strong in Faith nor strong in Sin, do not Walk with God and at the same time do not dine with the devil. They do not go to clubs and yet will not be available during the week for church services. They do not witness about Jesus but also will sing in worship to the Lord. They brag in their ‘private’ practice of the Christian Faith meanwhile the faith of our Lord cannot be privately practiced but publicly.

I hope you have found where you are in the 3 possible states above, Jesus said, He will Spit The Lukewarm Believers out of His mouth. Do not be Lukewarm….be HOT!!!

Be inspired.




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