I know the phrase above (Devil’s Advocates) is used figuratively to describe people that usually believe the best in infamous people and generally men with terrible reputation in politics, business and life; I will like to Inspire you this morning on this phrase literally Today. Are there be real people playing the role today in the church? Are there Preachers who use Devil’s Tactics to communicate their messages? What does the scriptures say about the Devil’s Style and messages? Are Christians really naive and gullible like the Mother of the human race; Eve to trust the subtle words of this persons of interests behind the pulpit?

The Apostle Paul told us clearly that there are Messengers of Satan in today’s church like yesterday’s Own as well. They are crafty, subtle, popular, charming, orators, quite persuasive BUT very deceitful in their intents and purposes.
‘For such are false apostles (church patriarchs), deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light, therefore it is no ‘great thing’ if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works’ (2 Cor. 11 v 13-15)

The above passage gives us so much light into the minds of these people known and called the following:

  1. SATAN’S MINISTERS: I am sure many believers don’t know we have preachers and teachers today working for the devil or ministering for the devil.


  1. FALSE APOSTLES: They are Key leaders in strategic positions with ‘apostolic claims’ in ministry; they could be known as patriarchs and matriarchs of the ministry today.


  1. DECEITFUL WORKERS: They are deceitful in nature like the devil was with Eve in the beginning. I will be sharing a little bit about the deceits of the devil so you can have a clear grasp of what their intents are in ministry.

Though the above points reveal who they truly are in the dark, but let I will like to show you what they ‘appear’ to be in our midst when we sit under their teachings and messages, Apostle Paul told us they are the following in their ministry manifestations and false ‘transformations.’

  1. TRANSFORMING ‘THEMSELVES’ INTO APOSTLES OF CHRIST:These people understand the power of appearance and looks, they are chameleon in nature and transform ‘themselves’ (make over) into the apostles of Christ, so that people will receive the ‘looks’ without knowing the ‘hearts’.


  1. TRANSFORMED AS MINISTERS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS: Since men judge books by cover not content, these people spend so much money on their cover or color of their skins not the content of their character like the late Martin Luther King Jnr said in his famous speech.
  2. SATAN TRANSFORMED HIMSELF INTO AN ANGEL OF LIGHT: Our Lord Jesus said, ‘you are of your father the devil…’ (John 8 v 44). That sounded ‘judgmental’ and hard but that is the truth; there are some that serve their father, the devil, and not God but many of us do not want to believe because these people have transformed themselves into angels of Light and have built a larger than life images of themselves. We cannot fathom the fact that they may have simply MISSED IT IN FAITH.

I will love to stop here by reminding you of Satan’s tactics in scriptures when it comes to the word and messages. The following are traceable to the devil and so his advocates are likely to use similar methods today as he used in the past. We know that ‘Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today’s and forever…’(Heb. 13 v 8) and we forget that the devil also will not and has not changed, hence he is the same yesterday, today and forever in purposes.

  1. ‘Has God Said…’ the first few words that the devil ever said and recorded in the Bible are, ‘Has God Said…’, this is the same method used Today by his advocates, they come to question God’s Word on Prosperity, Humility, Grace, Sin, Law, etc. Has God said I should not buy my private jet? Has God said I should not live large and rich? Has God said…
  1. ‘Does Job Serve God for Nothing…’ The Devil asked God this question about Job’s purpose and service which is similar to what the advocates of the devil today tells; which is, us we should not serve God for nothing but for something. This is heresy and wrong; we love God because He first loved us on the cross of Calvary. So if He does not do anything for me anymore… He has done the best and main thing for me on the Cross of Calvary.
  1. ‘Turn Stone To Bread…’ The Devil questioned the sonship of Christ by asking Him to turn stones to bread, his advocates today also want us to make bread out of everything in life. Bread stands for money, success, prosperity, etc. that is why Jesus said, ‘man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God,’

I will stop here and hope you have been Inspired. Beware of Devil’s Advocates on the pulpits, sly, crafty, clever, popular, etc.

Be inspired and God bless.




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