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I was very uncomfortable sitting there and hearing the things they were saying about the Grace of God being the subject on the table. I browsed around the table to check out the people that were present; so many leading pastors from the emerging generation of ministry leaders especially leading churches in the Lekki Axis, Lagos. I couldn’t interrupt because I got to the meeting late.

One of the people then asked for my thoughts on the Subject, he didn’t know that the reason I had declined the lunch offer from the waiter but opted for just a bowl of fruits was because I was struggling to hold on and couldn’t wait to be asked to share my opinion on the ‘Grace Revolution’ that has invaded Lagos from the shores of Asia. The Revolution that teaches men to embrace iniquity and live recklessly in faith because Jesus has forgiven our sins (past, present and future).

During the lunch time we spent together in fellowship, we laughed, played, met new friends and had fun but let me not bore you with the conversations and activities of a select group of Pastors. The take away for me was that there are people that have ‘Complicated Christianity’ in their bid to make it ‘Simple’.

The Apostle Paul addressed the matter in his epistle to the Corinthian Church like this: ‘but I fear, lest somehow as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the SIMPLICITY that is in Christ’, 2 Corr. 11 v 3. I have honestly not seen a generation of people who have COMPLICATED the SIMPLICITY of CHRISTIANITY like this generation of believers.
How can something be so Simple yet Complex. It is frightening to conclude that the Grace subject that is so Simple has been Complicated by these people (not the pastors around the lunch table). This has inevitably led to so many people being confused about their position in Christ, which is a deliberate effort by the devil to complicate the gift of God like he did in the beginning, at the Garden of Eden.

Here are my five (5) simples rules of what Christianity should be all about. They include;

  1. Love God with all your Heart: Do not join words with people who argue daily about Grace or no Grace.  Simply Love God passionately from your heart with all your might because this is the greatest commandment.


  1. Do Good to all Men: This is what Acts 10:38 says about what Jesus did with the anointing, ‘…He went about doing good…’ Anything outside this is Complicated Christianity.


  1. Serve God in Church: Ensure you give your service to God in your church by working in a department weekly. The best way to use our time is for God in service.


  1. Give to Humanity: You don’t have to be a millionaire to be a Philanthropist. The word Philanthropy is from two Greek words; Philowhich means ‘Love’ and Anthropos which means ‘Man’, hence a Philanthropist is someone who Gives to Men. Cultivate a heart of charity by giving to Humanity not just your loved ones in your family.


  1. Live a Contented Life: The simple way to be content with what God has given you is to ‘learn’ to abound and be abased with whatever situation you are in life. Don’t covet other peoples things and positions in life, just be grateful for what you have and learn to be content.

There are other rules but I will stop with the above five. Kindly make it Simple and not Complicate your life by living otherwise. We must ensure we do not complicate our Christian Faith. God bless.

Be Inspired!
Yomi Kasali (Rev)



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