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If you have chosen the part of breaking through from the norm of being a 9 to 5 person, and have decided to dive the realm of being an Entrepreneur, then you have made the best decision of your life and at a very good time also, basing the focus on Nigeria and seeing how the economy is gradually changing, being and Entrepreneur and sustaining at it purely have to depend on some factors which are going to be discussed on this article.

Who is an Entrepreneur 

An entrepreneur is an individual who creates business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards, Entrepreneurs play a key role in any economy, using the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate needs and bringing good new ideas to market.

Many people want to start a profitable business, and usually, people start small before developing into something great. If you consider starting a business and maintaining it, then you have a great chance to make money out of it. 


A lot of potential Nigerian Entrepreneurs want to start a business in their own country and search for the most successful small business ideas in Nigeria, sometimes one has to put some effort into searching to find a niche that will satisfy your kind of person.

10 Business Ideas That You Want To Try Out This Year

  • Restaurant Business

As we all know one business that won’t easily go dry is that of Food, because people must eat and that makes this type of Business lucrative and ok for an Entrepreneur who is looking for areas to make income from.

  • Dry Cleaning Business

Another Business that will fly in Nigeria is that of Dry Cleaning Business , not everyone has the time or chance to do their own Laundry, that makes this business also Lucrative as it is meeting the laundry needs of people and will as such put money in the owners pocket.


  • LiveStock Farming

Farming in General Provides food and that makins this business a lucrative one as it involves low capital and minimum risk, one an Entrepreneur would want to look into.

  • Training Center

The quest of knowledge is one that cannot be overemphasised owning a Training center to let for us, or teaching  in one is also an avenue to create wealth for an Entrepreneur.

  • Importation of clothes

Clothes bought at a cheaper price and sold at a good price is also a good way to create wealth, a good Entrepreneur would love to maximize the opportunities also. 

  • Forex Trading

Forex trading in Nigeria is one business that is lucrative and still untapped too, having a good knowledge of Forex Market and also having a good broker such as ForexTime, can make your forex journey easy and smooth and you can decide to learn further about what is vps in forex so you can get ideas on how to go.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading

With the likes of Bitcoin growth and all Alt Crytocurrency out there, getting a good coin to buy and Hodl is another lucrative way an Entrepreneur can make wealth.

  • Writing Company

“Content is king” as such companies can be looking for freelancers or Writing companies to help in their articles and advertorial, as such this is another way an Entrepreneur  can create wealth. 


List of what to consider to become a successful Entrepreneur in Nigeria


1. Learn What it Means & Decide if You are Still Willing to Pursue it

Business venture has gotten stylish. That doesn’t mean it is only a pattern, however there is much more to prevailing with a hot startup than composing a couple of lines of code. 


First comprehend the contrasts between turning into your own manager and startup that gets worth at billions of dollars. Realize what a startup business don’t actually will proceed with their #1 diversion consistently and make billions doing it. You may begin accomplishing something you love, however then need to rapidly figure out how to turn into an innovator in your business. Become an entrepreneur.


2. Study and Create

The successful entrepreneur mindset is that of learning and creation. As an entrepreneur, you always want to be taking in new information and creating. 

Limiting your entertainment time is a sacrifice that must be made to become a successful entrepreneur. Instead of watching TV and movies, read books and meditate, watch lecture videos, youtube is at your disposal to learn new business and ideas, take care of your mind and body in constructive, healing ways. It may “feel good” to watch TV, but it’s not actually a rejuvenating way to relax. To be a successful entrepreneur, find relaxing activities that help to restore your learner and creator mindset.


3. Reduce Fear

Fear restricts action. Entrepreneurs have to be able to quickly take action when they see an opportunity or recognize a mistake. With fear riding on them, they won’t be a successful entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, if you let fear be your guide, you won’t be able to listen to your intuition, you’ll be afraid to take the necessary risks, and your judgment will be clouded by emotion.


If you can find ways to reduce and manage your fear and you’ll be a much more successful entrepreneur. Keep in mind that fear has to do with your perspective.


4. Raise Money

If you’ve followed the above steps you’ll be ready to raise some outside money (or more money) to maintain cash flow and fuel getting to the next level. Above we listed some businesses that you can start up in Nigeria and involves low Capital, taking for Instance Forex Trading, you can get into it with as low as $100 with ForexTime as your broker, and you can choose to invest or just head to the Educational aspect and learn how to trade forex profitably.



Being a successful Entrepreneur in Nigeria does not really entail much, as long as you Choose the Niche of business you want to dive into, and then back it up with study as well as remove fear which is a limiting factor, and as well as driving funds to fuel the idea of the business you choose to start.

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