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I was feeling very agitated, worried and confused; it was like a part of me was missing and I was actually almost going into a panic attack because I had no Internet and Cable at home. That was when I realized what it means to be really Addicted to something and perhaps become Afflicted by the lack of that thing.

My son laughed at me when we sat together later to discuss the issue, he told me it was probably caused by an outage and everything will soon be restored. I went into my bedroom and laughed at myself, I also gave myself some verbal spanking so that I could come back to my senses. However, I’m very aware that many of my readers today are also Addicted to the wrong things hence may be Afflicted by the lack of those things.

I like a scripture about a family in the Bible that were ‘Addicted’ to the ministry of the Saints, this is what we should all be committed and dedicated to as well, ‘I beseech you brethren (you know the house of Stephenas, that it is the Firstfruits of Achaia and that they have addicted themselves to the ministry of the Saints’ ( 1 Cor 16 v 15). We should learn from positive addictions and break off negative addictions over our lives.

The Word Addicted is used mostly for negative influences over man’s life, thoughts, destinies and relationships. These negative addictions always end in terrible afflictions and sometimes people need counselling or the anointing to destroy such yokes over their lives. I want to write about things that are okay but that may have negative impact over our lives once we are addicted to them.

TELEVISION: There are people that are addicted to television and it’s not good at all. As great as Television can be, it is also dangerous when we become addicted to this box that’s meant to give us information and entertainment. Do not be addicted to watching television.
INTERNET: This was what gave me a feeling of melancholy when we had power outage that affected the internet in the house momentarily. It was honestly like someone took my breath from me, I was wondering how I would cope throughout the night without internet until my son and I laughed the issue out of our consciousness. Do not get addicted to the Internet.
DRUGS AND HARMFUL MEDICATIONS: There are some harmful medications that people are addicted to and have negative impact over their lives. Sleeping drugs, pain killers and other harmful medications can be addictive. Sometimes, I take pain delightfully in order not to rush for pain killers as a solution.
GAMBLING AND BETTING: I’m very shocked that many believers are unaware of the dangers of betting and gambling, in fact they take the matter to God in prayers to help them win and not to break their addictions. It’s very unfortunate but an extremely dangerous habit to cultivate. Do not get addicted to Gambling and Betting else you might give away your life’s resources.
SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS: This is the most powerful and negative Addiction today, most young people are addicted to trends on social media, such trends can be fashion trends, relationship trends and pornographic trends like the recent Silhouette Challenge. Imagine how people’s addiction to trends can make them embrace pornography without thinking.

Let me stop here and beg you to break off some of your Addictions else you will continue to be Afflicted. Some afflictions are connected to addictions. Kindly drop me a note of acknowledgement of how this piece has blessed you and you can follow me on my social media handles:
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