INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi KasaliThat is the question I would love to ask you today, ‘Are We Becoming A Godless Generation?’ I had a conversation with a group of young people on happenings in our society with emphasis on craze for wealth and rise in unbelievable practices by Yahoo boys in and around Lagos, one of the young people then said, ‘We Are A Godless Generation’, that got me really thinking.

Our Lord Jesus was concerned and worried about His generation and said, ‘But Whereunto shall I liken (or Compare) this generation, it’s like unto Children sitting in the markets and calling unto their fellows, and saying, we have piped unto you and you have not danced: we have mourned unto you and you have not lamented…'(Matt 11 v 16-17). This is very close to our Generation in Nigeria also; we have piped, and they haven’t danced neither have they lamented when we have mourned…We Have Become Irresponsive and Insensitive To Issues Around Us.

I was shown a video of young likely Yahoo boys eating a dead chicken without cooking, pulling out the intestine with their bare teeth, biting the skin and laughing as they were engaged in this cannibalistic behaviour. Who Did This To Us? We should all bow our heads in shame and weep aloud for a Revival. The Love of Money has taken over the souls of our youth and the ship of the state is sinking fast under this vice.

We should look in the mirror and be honest with ourselves, the problem with our society is NOT political BUT moral, the Church has failed the Nation. We have compromised our values for money, we have turned the blind eye to evil and engrossed with building a bigger auditorium at all cost even if it means with stolen wealth. We have ignored morality because of prosperity, we are consumed with building names for ourselves even if it’s at the expense of His Name. The Church has failed in Breeding moral creatures in the land and this has saddened me greatly.

My conclusion today on the question above is affirmative, Yes, We Have Become A Godless Generation and the following are signs of godlessness in the Land not for lack of churches or people going to church.

LOVE OF MONEY: This is the most apparent and it is clearly stated in the Bible that we cannot serve God and Mammon together. I believe it’s safe to say that we Serve Mammon in Nigeria, therefore we can conclusively say, We Are A Godless Generation.
CHURCH HAS BECOME SOCIAL STATUS: My late father was a member of the prestigious Island Club for many years, it’s a social club for the high and mighty in the society back in the 70s and 80s. The church has become the new Social Club for the high and mighty in the society, hence faith has been replaced by networking and the main reason people go to church is not to be godly but socially connected.
MEDIA IS AGAINST GOD: Trends on social media is a way of knowing the kind of society we are building, and you just need to visit some of the major blogs and sites to discover the apathy for God and Godliness in the land. It is Sad!
MEN OF GOD ARE DISRESPECTED: I know there are many impostors in ministry yet that doesn’t mean young people should always be abusive whenever they find the opportunity to do so against all Servants of God. What you do to God’s Representatives on Earth is a way to know how you revere God in your heart.
PORNOGRAPHY AND NUDITY: This is the last sign of godlessness, it’s not the practice of nudity but the shamelessness involved in the practice. We have become godless indeed when you see the way some people dress and how married women are involved in extra marital affairs, it’s very sad and unfortunate that we have become a godless generation.

Let me stop here and ask you to decide to keep your faith in this godless generation and don’t Join Those Who Are Godless.
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