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INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi Kasali

It is amazing to find out the definition of true greatness from the life of a fellow in the scriptures. He was a Syrian Army General, well connected in society with many victories in battles, honourable amongst other men, a solid guy with extensive experience in life, and perhaps very rich as well but he was a leper the bible tells us about this guy called Naaman.

‘Now Naaman, the captain of the host of the king of Syria, was a great man with his master, and honourable, because by him the Lord had given deliverance to Syria, he was also a mighty man of valour, but he was a leper’ (2 Kings 5 v 1). 

What a way to describe greatness in the Bible! In today’s world of celebrity status and fake perfectionists would never have agreed with such a description of greatness. However, allow me to Inspire you today on your ‘but’ so that you will not despair as you go into the new year but be invigorated with energy and passion toward fulfilling your purpose and destiny.

The Media has coloured our perspectives of Greatness by painting pictures of Perfection on the canvas of humanity which is almost an impossibility, so those of us who have ‘buts’ find ways of hiding them from our followers on social media while we conveniently parade ourselves nakedly by acting out the scripts given to us by the same hypocritical society, we all have ‘buts’ like Naaman and it doesn’t mean we are not Great.

The Bible gives us many examples of Great men with their ‘buts’ or ‘inadequacies’ in life. In fact, God loves to use men with these infirmities and weaknesses. Naaman was almost perfect but for the ‘but’ in his life. Let me encourage you to focus on the battles ahead and victories to achieve like Naaman while living with some of your buts. The weaknesses that we should live with are those not moral in nature but personality traits that show our weaknesses.


  1. MOSES WAS A STAMMERER: He was a deliverer, lawgiver, and miracle worker but was slow in speech and stammered yet God made him great, his name was Moses.


  1. ELIJAH WAS FEARFUL OF JEZEBEL: He killed many prophets of Baal, called down fire from heaven, and prayed down rain after three and half years of drought but he was ‘afraid’ of Jezebel and was a lonely man till he retired from active service in ministry, yet God used him greatly, his name was Elijah.


  1. JACOB WAS A FRAUDULENT MAN: He had a covenant, was loved by his mother, and was embraced by his brother but was a Supplanter and fraud yet He wrestled with God and prevailed. We all have our ‘buts’ so do not be worried about yours.


  1. PETER WAS AN IMPULSIVE FELLOW: He was always the first to speak, walked on water, and heard God’s Voice on the mountain of Transfiguration but was very impulsive. He boasted about not denying the Lord though he did exactly the same, he went fishing impulsively but God still used him despite his weaknesses.

There are many more people with issues that were used by God and fulfilled their destinies in life. Do not focus on your issues but on battles, fight the enemy like Naaman and ignore the ‘buts,’ at the right time, the Lord shall deal with the issues.

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