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INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi Kasali

He pulled me aside as I was leaving his boarding gate to mine, wrapped his heavy and large arms around me, towering above me, he whispered into my ears, the words that made me feel successful and like a king; ‘Dad, like we discussed a few days ago, I am Proud of you because of what you stand for, not for Cash, High Numbers in your church or other parameters, but for your Character, I love you and I am very proud of you.’

Those words were from a son to a very happy and proud father, my son had to reassure me of my position in his life as a role model and mentor of some sort. I felt a surge of energy within me to continue to do more things toward impacting lives and helping people. My friend, Character Counts and I’ll like to Inspire you about Character today.

The scriptures placed Character above other things when it introduced John the Baptist to us. Hear what the people said about John The Baptist; his testimony about Jesus was credible and inspiring

‘And many resorted to Him and said, John did no miracle but all things that John said about this man are true, and many believed on Him there’ (John 10 v 40-41)

These Immortal Words should ring forever in our hearts. We live in a fast-changing world where Character is daily being despised especially in our Country today. We see men with questionable character aspiring to the highest office in the Land, we see people with character deficiency leading mega-churches and misleading the flock of God, we see men with high character flaws leading multinationals and business corporations today, we see people in the entertainment industry being celebrated without strong convictions and character, this is worrying and frightening in my honest opinion.

Let us determine to cultivate Character as believers and not flow with weak trends. I will share 5 things that are not comparable with Character in my opinion.


  1. CHARACTER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CASH: Many Nigerians will disagree with me on this point, but I stand by my view, the generality of humanity still regards character more than cash. Men like Mandela, Martin Luther King Jnr, Mahatma Gandhi, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, and Gani Fawehinmi were not celebrated for their cash but for Character.


  1. CHARACTER IS MORE THAN IMPORTANT THAN COMPETENCE: I will take a Man of Character any day over someone with Competence (skills) without Character at my place of work. It’s destructive to be Competent without Credibility or Integrity.


  1. CHARACTER IS MORE THAN CREATIVITY: Even the most innovative and creative should not be compared with a man endowed with Character in life. You can be talented and creative yet lack basic character traits and virtues.


  1. CHARACTER IS MORE THAN CHARM AND CHARISMA: Some of the most charming and charismatic celebrities have fallen woefully because they lacked Character. Men like R. Kelly etc are languishing in jail today because of Character deficiencies and immorality.


  1. CHARACTER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CELEBRITY STATUS: I do not want to follow a celebrity that Lacks character, woman abuser, a child molester, is abusive, manipulative, unstable, or impulsive among other destructive flaws.

Let’s be careful this year and intentionally develop Character within.

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