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The world of a believer and Christian is filled with mysteries in the spirit and natural realm, one of such is what the writer of Hebrews told us about the world being like an Amphitheatre where we are all ‘Gladiators’ fighting in the arena and we have a CLOUD OF WITNESSES watching us from their Stands in the Heavenly Realms of Glory…would we fight to win or lose.

The bible puts it this way, ‘Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sin which does so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us’ (Heb. 12 v 1). This is a very interesting scripture because it’s the immediately after the Heb. 11 chapter of Heroes of Faith, which speaks volumes about what God has in mind.

To know that there are people watching my every move and rooting for me to continue in the game of life while pointing to their own experiences as witnesses of God’s kindness and faithfulness when things go south is quite encouraging and comforting. These witnesses are those who have gone through the things some of us are going through today and some of those experiences are unpleasant, yet they overcame the odds of survival, they want us all to know WE SHALL OVERCOME!

We just strive to impress these witnesses and let them give us applause for standing on God’s Word through our battles in life. Some of these witnesses fought their battles gallantly and won, they fought sicknesses, poverty, pressure, barrenness, temptations, etc yet they overcame the troubles and are celebrated in the heavenly realms as Conquerors, but we are more than Conquerors. Allow me to Inspire you from the lives and times of some of the witnesses.

ABRAHAM: The father of faith is a major witness about God’s goodness. I want to remind those who give up in Marriage because of Childlessness to remember the witness of Father Abraham and be encouraged today. Also, those who have not learnt how to wait patiently on God to look on the stands and see Father Abraham so that they can be comforted.
DANIEL: This Witness is one of a kind and sound in high levels of morals. Those who work in the palaces and positions of authority are to look at the life and times of this man who refused to compromise his values and stood his grounds against a king’s decree to stop praying. Let us remind those Who Deny Their Faith Because Of King’s Commands and Decrees and Those Who Bow Before They Enter The Lion’s Den that Daniel the Witness did not do so.
MOSES: This Man of God is a witness today that we can stay strong in faith and not lose in life. We should remind those who Embrace the Riches of Egypt and Ignore Heaven’s Glory that Moses is a witness that we can win by Righteousness in Nigeria and not conform to the world. There are believers who do not want to Change Their Egyptian Identity Because Of Earthly Fame yet forget that Moses is a witness and that one should be proud of being a Believer and not ashamed.
JOSEPH: This young man who was sold into slavery and became a prime minister in the land of his bondage is a witness today of God’s grace and mercy. There are Those Who Poke Fun at Their Brothers Because of Favour, others Who Lose Their Faith and Sleep Around Because of Promotion, should learn from this witness today. While some Who Steal from The King When They Are In Charge Of The Treasury should know that corruption is not scriptural.

Let me stop here and take a deep breath, I hope you can read through this again and take some comfort from the life and times of these witnesses. I am preparing a Bible study series on the theme above so that our members can become better believers. If this piece has blessed you, kindly drop me a note and encourage me as well.Kindly drop me a note of acknowledgement of how this piece has blessed you and you can follow me on my social media handles:
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