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INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi Kasali

Something happened this morning between my daughter and me. Today is my wife’s birthday so, I wish her a very Happy Birthday once again. We had made payments for some orders my daughter placed for a Communion Service that was scheduled to take place today. However, the vendor had piled pressure on my daughter that they had not seen the Credit alert for some days now so the order may not be done.

My daughter began to fidget and was worried because of time, she asked me again and again to check my statement, she in fact inferred that there could have been a reversal of payment back to my account because the vendors claimed they did not get the Credit Alert. Eventually, I called them myself and wore the ‘Nigerian garment’ bragging to them how my status in society cannot bring me to the level of people that defraud them with credit alert scams (I was not proud of it though).

The encounter got me thinking about our relationship with God. In many ways, we all doubt God’s word and act like the vendor, we claim that until we see the credit alert on earth, we do not believe God has done what He says He has done. We do not usually say God is lying but just ask for more proof of payment. Even after I sent the proof of payment to the lady, they still doubted what they saw until they got the credit alert. In many ways, we also doubt God because we are waiting for Credit Alerts on Earth.

Considering the above, I want to inspire today on the things God cannot do. So here are five (5) things that God cannot do, and I hope that you will be inspired by this and understand God better.


  1. HE CANNOT LIE: over the past elections in Nigeria, there were so many prophecies and prophetic words about who will emerge as the president of Nigeria by several men of God who claimed to have received this word from God himself. This led so many Christians and non-Christians alike to term God a liar. However, Titus 1:2 explicitly states that God cannot lie. It is not in His character to do so. Let God be true, and all men liars so do not believe mere mortal men over God. God is not one to lie, man can lie and cloak their desires around God’s wishes.


  1. GOD CANNOT BEHOLD INIQUITY: It is not in God’s character to behold iniquity. Isa. 59:1-2 clearly states it, and we can also see that take effect when Jesus cried with a loud voice on the cross; ‘Eli Eli, Lama Sabachthani’ which means ‘My God, My God, why have you abandoned me’ – Matt. 27:46. He forsook His only son because He was carrying the iniquity of the world.


  1. GOD CANNOT BE BLACKMAILED: remember the story of the publican and the pharisee? Luke 18:9-14 where the Pharisee stood and was reading out his spiritual résumé; tithing fasting, while also comparing himself to the publican as a better candidate for God’s mercy (not like he asked for anything precisely). However, God justified the prayer of the humble publican to that of the blackmailing Pharisee.


  1. GOD CANNOT BE UNJUST: In Heb. 6:10, apostle Paul stated that God is not unjust. The bible is littered with several passages to prove that God is not unjust. Even the parable of the judge and the widow enunciates God’s abhorrence for unjust acts.


  1. GOD CANNOT RENEGE ON HIS PROMISE: God is faithful, and He is not one to renege on His promises. Numbers 23:19 says it all.

I hope you have been inspired by these things that God cannot do. Take refuge in this and do not let your faith waver.

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