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I was shocked at the sight of the carcass and mutilation of the body; he butchered her lifeless body and dismembered it severely. This was done by her husband, someone who claimed to love her passionately to the point that he travelled from the US to a far country in Latin America to pay for her ransom after her kidnap by the ferocious and merciless men of the underworld. He got her back home and still destroyed her for the sin of adultery fuelled by lust.

The above story is gory indeed and I am sure you are cursing this godless man that will Deliver her lover only to Destroy her back, it’s all fiction and untrue. This is a product of the figment of my imagination, I am not aware of anything like this but got the Inspiration from a Scripture that gave me shivers and concerns. The scripture explains what we all know but choose to ignore because of the pseudo-preachers in town pushing the very dangerous teachings of Grace as a license to sin.

Let me share the scriptures with you and tell me what you think when you juxtapose the passage with the story above:

‘I Will Therefore Put You In Remembrance, Though You Once Knew This, How That The Lord, Having Saved The People Out Of The Land Of Egypt, Afterward Destroyed Them That Believe Not’ (Jude 5) 

Please read the passage about two more times and understand where I am coming from. Why would He deliver them only to destroy them later? It is the shocking truth about what happened to the Israelites after they left Egypt. He Delivered them and then Destroyed them because of unbelief and their Idolatry in the wilderness, no wonder the Bible says our God is a Consuming Fire (Heb 12 v 29). These are the passages our Grace Preachers do not teach anymore and untrained clergymen who have proliferated the pulpits run away from in their bid to get the crowd into their assemblies.

The passage tells me of the Story of Exodus to Extinction, that’s not a good thing to think about but that is exactly what happened in the wilderness regardless of how we want to justify the Extinction or explain the purpose of the Exodus, we should understand that God Saved them (Exodus) from Egypt and Destroyed them (Extinction) in the Wilderness because of Unbelief and Idolatry.

Let me stop here and ask those of you who get my articles weekly to please meditate on the passage again, and understand that God has not changed but He is long-suffering towards us in mercy and love. I pray we change our attitude towards Him by choosing to Believe Him always and not doubt.

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