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We often tell young people not to Cross the Line in life, but we live in times when the lines have become very blurred and not as clear as they used to be some years ago. The very idea of moral walls was what kept us all in line for so many years, those walls also served as moral divides for believers, and we knew instantly what to do and not to do. However, things are very different today.

We do not even know where the lines are anymore on moral issues. Many young Christian girls are not sure of what is right and wrong again, young men are involved in scamming for a living with seared consciences, our preachers are involved in lying with numbers and obsessed with social media trends even when they are for wrong reasons, we do not know where to Draw The Lines again.

Moses was confronted with such a dilemma shortly after the Exodus from Egypt, but he was courageous enough to swiftly Draw the Line and ask those who were on the Lord’s Side to come to move away from the side of moral depravity and come to his own side.

‘Then Moses stood is the gate of the camp, and said, “Who Is on The Lord’s Side? Let him come to me, and all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together to him’ (Exodus 32 v 26).

The Lord is asking us today to also boldly Draw the Lines and step in line with Him and not take sides against the Lord and Christ our Saviour. There is a battle for the souls of men raging today, this battle has been cloaked in what sounds and looks like fighting for humanity and people but actually, it is against the Lord Jesus and the Bible. Let us be courageous enough to step in line on the side of God and not against Him.

I want to share sensitive areas where you need to Draw the Line and let everyone know which side you belong to, forget the fact that many of our church leaders are timid and populist in their decision-making on these issues, take a stand and make it known to those who matter in your life. Be willing to STAND ALONE and not be bullied into taking sides against God.


1.    MONEY MATTERS: Let everyone know that you do not worship money and your faith is Not for Sale. Do not bow to the pressure for money, be willing to be Broke Happily than be Rich Immorally.

2.    POLITICS: There is nothing more divisive in our society today than our position on Politics, it is more so because of its mix of ethnicity and tribalism. Be courageous to Draw your political Lines along moral issues, not tribal issues. It is the right thing to do.

3.    CHURCH AND FAITH: Let the words of our Father in the Lord, Pastor WF Kumuyi ring in your heart when you are Drawing the Lines of Faith and Church. He once preached a message on ‘Others May, But I Will Not’, a phrase that speaks about taking a position of faith with God and not everyone. Do not follow the crowd but the Cloud of Glory.

4.    FASHION AND LOOKS: There is nothing wrong with looking good and being a fashionista but it is important for our young men and women to Draw the lines on how far is too far with exposing their bodies in the name of being fashionable. We need to quietly draw the lines and understand that beauty is not synonymous with nudity. Be covered and not uncovered.

5.    FRIENDSHIPS AND ALLIANCES: This is perhaps the most critical because research tells us that some people flow in circles, they are not comfortable yet do not have the courage to move out of such circles. You should Draw the Lines today on this issue and stop flocking with people you are not comfortable with. They deride you, abuse you, disrespect you yet you keep going to them. Draw the lines in friendships and associations.

Let me stop here and hope you will do yourself some good by making the right calls today…Draw the Line.

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