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INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi Kasali

Those were the words of a powerful politician on television recently during an interview about the state of the nation and the just concluded elections. I had really wanted to Inspire my readers on some other subject but felt compelled to write about Hope and Despair in the land. I know this is a very knotty topic and I am really trying so hard not to be drawn into positions but rather to share my thoughts from scriptures with those who get my articles on Mondays.

Many people may have given up on the Nation, but I pray you do not give up on God because there is nothing He cannot do and no problems He cannot solve. Paul the Apostle mentioned the ‘Big 3’ in our walk with God; this ‘Big 3’ are great dependable virtues that should serve as the anchors of our souls. He writes, ‘And now abodes Faith, Hope and Love, these Three, bit the Greatest of these is Love’ (1 Cor. 13 v 13).

The scriptures mentioned a great prophet who was also depressed with the state of things in his nation, the people were not just going to change, and reforms were becoming very difficult. In fact, this Prophet challenged the false prophets in his days to a contest to show who the true God was, the prophets of Baal failed woefully, and GOD showed up gloriously for Elijah the Prophet, yet Elijah felt the people will celebrate this Great Jehovah and stop all idol worshipping but the people did not move towards the Lord Almighty.

What happened after the major contest in the land and victory of Elijah over the false prophets shocked Elijah, instead of the people turning back to God, the queen rather swore to have Elijah’s head on the platter before the end of the day. Elijah also in addition to calling down Fire from Heaven, brought forth Rain as well after three and half years of drought, yet Queen Jezebel wanted his head…it was too much for this great prophet and he just Gave Up!

Elijah the Prophet ran away for his life and became suicidal because of the Rejection of the people and the threat of the queen over his life. He told God that He Was Done, ‘…and said, it is enough, now oh Lord, take away my life for I am not better than my fathers’ (1 Kings 19 v 4). I felt that was what the politician was saying like many Nigerians as well. I want to Inspire you today on not to give up on life.


  1. DON’T GIVE UP ON GOD: I do not care about the outcomes of the elections, the processes, and the issues, I want you to please keep your hope in God alive and do not Give Up On God. Focus your attention on other good areas of your life and let God keep you.


  1. DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS: Many people have left the nation for greener pastures, and I totally understand their reasons. However, for those of us left at home, we must never give up on our Dreams, even when it is not looking good on the horizon, you have to keep your dreams alive within you.


  1. DON’T GIVE UP ON FAMILY AND FRIENDS: You will recall that those who stood with Jesus at the foot of the cross were His Family (mother) and Friends (John). Even when the whole world deserts you, true friends and family will stand by you. That was the main reason Elijah felt depressed, he wasn’t married and had no friends around him.

Kindly keep record of these 3 things above, these will Fire up your Hope, and your Faith. Tough times lie ahead, and I strongly believe God, Family, Friends, and our Dreams will be the Being and things that may keep us going.

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