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My wife and I were visiting an old Christian couple in the city of Coventry in the UK recently, we had a very warm reception with love and affection, and we had sumptuous lunch (Nigerian meal as usual). We had life conversations about challenges, and successes and comforted ourselves from the scriptures. My wife asked the couple what drove their decision to move out of their bigger house in London to Coventry, one of the things he said to summarise their decision was a phrase he saw somewhere, ‘Less Is More.’

Let me Inspire you today with those words, albeit it sounds less like the Nigerian Gospel because we believe in ‘More Is Big and Big Is Success.’ The Bible says exactly what my friend said, I’ll share 3 passages in the book of Proverbs that says Less Is More…

‘A little that a righteous man has is better than the riches of the many wicked’ (Prov 37 v 16) 
‘Better is little with the fear of the Lord than great treasures and troubles there with’ (Prov 15 v 16)
‘Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right’ (Prov 16:8)

The above scriptures simply say Less Is More when we really digest them internally through meditation for inspiration. However, we can say that the above is contrary view of some politicians and the rich in our nation. They steal so much money, buy big things, big cars, live large, and leave the world empty. Some battle sicknesses that the poor don’t have, sleep with pills, love with anxiety and worries, struggle to laugh, live in prisons called houses, suffer in silence, cry in the dark and search for answers to their many questions about happiness and so on.

However, there are times when Less Is NOT More, and those times are when people think being Rich could have solved their problems not knowing that the Rich are also in the same situations with those who have Less. I refuse to call Less being Poor because Jesus defined poverty differently from how our leaders defined it today.


  1. LESS WITH HAPPINESS: when your Less is not affecting your joy and happiness because of your faith in God and Christ as Savior. Research carried out by nerd some years ago about the happiest people on earth discovered that they are in the poorest slum in India. What an irony! Less is always more when it is with happiness.


  1. LESS WITH CONTENTMENT: the Bible says, godliness with contentment is great gain. This is what we have all refused to elevate today in our Nigerian society. We should live contented lives with our Less and then we shall experience the feeling so More.


  1. LESS WITH HEALTH: the adage, Health is Wealth comes to mind now, Less Is More When You Possess Health unlike those with More without Health. Live a healthy life by not worrying about what you do not have but thankful for what you have.


  1. LESS WITH GOD OR FAITH: I have to say that those who have Faith in God always experience true joy and happiness regardless of what they possess. In fact, Jesus said to a follower of His who was greedy and wanted Jesus to share their father’s inheritance, ‘Life does not consist of abundance of things you possess’ (Luke 12:15)


  1. LESS WITH TRUE FRIENDS: This is the salient fact, those with true friends always live longer and happier. One of the problems with many people is their choice of friends and they have found out that the challenges they face come from comparing themselves with those friends who secretly compete with them. True friends appreciate you the way you are.

Let me stop here and encourage you to meditate on these words towards changing the way you live. We need to start evaluating our lives again in the light of the scriptures and try to answer some serious questions about our pursuits and purposes. Less Is Actually More in Life.

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