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It was the Black Tuesday that triggered most of the carnage we witnessed in Lagos and other parts of the Nation last week. We must pause and take a close look at the events to learn Lessons for the future. I have been lost in thoughts way before the mayhem and also about how things degenerated into the chaos we witnessed, the looting, robbing, raping and killings of innocent people, I actually saw it coming and told a few of my closest associates because of the way things were going. I was convinced that the Protests would be hijacked…and sadly I was correct.

Let me quickly Inspire you on how Good Deeds can become evil without application of wisdom and wit. Paul told the Roman Church and Believers about the same in Rom 14 v 16, ‘Let Not Then Your Good Be Evil Spoken Of’, even though social media journalists haven’t been doing that but generally some reasonable people have started to think that way. My thoughts on the entire weeks event are thus enumerated…

I am in full and total support of the Protests against Police Brutality embodied in the End SARS Movement across some section in the nation. It’s Evil and barbaric for Policemen (especially the now disbanded SARS) to brutalize and rob people that they are expected to protect. I was a victim and almost lost my son to SARS evil operations.
I condemn in strongest possible terms, the Army Shootings in Lekki, it cannot be justified under any circumstance especially considering the reasons for their protests. They should have used Tear Gas, Water Canisters or pepper spray and if things Had degenerated, perhaps rubber bullets but certainly not Live Ammunitions, even if they shot into the air, I condemn those acts as provocative and unnecessary.
I am also against the rebellious acts of some of the protesters that defied the State Government’s call for Curfew earlier in the day. I believe we must all be law abiding citizens and encourage those close to us to do the same. After all we all stayed at home during the early days of the pandemic when the Government told us to do so.
I also Condemn the Killings of policemen across the state of Lagos by hoodlums. The police are an institution of government that must not be attacked under any circumstance. The burning of police stations and killing of policemen are attacks carried out by lawless people in the society that may have targeted such people in the past.
I totally condemn the looting, robberies, rapes and carnage carried out by thugs, hoodlums, thieves and other miscreants in the society, including the several prison breaks across the nations and the attempts in Lagos. They made what started as a social movement for police reforms and end of police brutality to end with bitterness and pain. This is pure evil.
I condemn in strongest term possible the abuse of our freedoms through spreading of falsehood through Social Media by people who want to cause wars and deaths between brothers who may be fighting or disagreeing on their mutual interests. So many people do not carry out the Berean Test before sharing information on social media. Most of the news out there are false and fake news, they can cause irreparable loss of lives and livelihood if we don’t desist in encouraging such. Verify information before sharing.
I condemn the ethnic colouration to the outcomes of the protests, there are many good Igbos in Lagos, great Hausas in Lagos and fantastic Yorubas in Lagos, just as there are very many bad Igbos, terrible Hausas and evil Yorubas as well. We must never judge an entire tribe because of our isolated experiences with a few people from the tribe. Let’s fight the bigotry and embrace ourselves in love.
I am appalled and angered by the boldness of some miscreants to attack our heritage by sacking the Oba of Lagos from his Palace and looting the hallowed habitat. This is totally heinous and sacrilegious. I am a Nigerian with a cultural heritage and the Bible respects our cultures if they don’t violate God’s Word. It is very bad and should be condemned by all and sundry.
I believe in democracy and presidential form of government as practiced in America. Therefore, the protection of lives and property is solely the responsibility of the Governor of Lagos State and secondarily that of the President, therefore both of them should have worked together to protect lives and property of Lagosians and Nigerians in general. I believe they didn’t show enough ‘leadership’ during the entire saga, however, I will always support Democracy any day over Military Rule, maybe we should sit down and discuss what form of democracy.
I am a Christian and would love all Believers to remember their duty and higher calling during these trying times in the life of our nation and desist from playing to the gallery but take a Christian Position on every issue, be it political, tribal, justice, corruption, social, economical or otherwise. Let’s not forget who we are in the heat of the moment and make regrettable statements like unbelievers.

The Lord will help us all and keep our Nation safe. We should speak louder during the elections by voting the people we desire in and voting those we don’t out of power. Kindly drop me a note of acknowledgement of how this piece has blessed you and you can follow me on my social media handles:
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