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I heard my father in the Lord say something a few years ago to me, he had mismanaged his body by driving it too hard and then broke down with a terrible illness, he of course recuperated and was fine. When we were talking, he told me to always ‘Manage My Body’ very well by doing certain things which I intend to share with us all today.

That equally reminds me of my conversation with one of my staff who believes I can be ‘driven’ like a young twenty something year old man by doing multiple services, meetings, writings and just jumping around without listening to my body, that is one thing we all do very well, ‘thinking less of everyone’s health but only ours.’ I had to tell her to let me be a good manager, not office manager but my body-manager.

Our Lord Jesus also admonished the disciples to do the same thing, and I make bold to say, He must have been doing that (managing His Body) while on earth hence when he noticed that the apostles where living recklessly, He told them to take some time out, take a break from daily routine, take some rest and leave the crowded scene to hide somewhere alone and apart from the people.

‘And He said unto them, Come Ye yourselves apart into a deserted place and REST a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat’ (Mark 6 v 31).

The above scripture is amazing and reveals the work ethic in the camp of the Master, they were hardworking people, very driven and weren’t resting enough, the Lord had to instruct them to Take a Break and Rest a while from daily work and routine. This is what I want to Inspire you all on today. Manage your Bodies.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY: There are many people that don’t listen to their bodies but only their hearts. They allow their hearts to drive them to a Breaking Point and then fall sick while some even lose their lives through cardiac arrest etc. The Human Body is designed like a Vehicle that gives you signs when things aren’t well with it, a little head ache here, a back ache, some feverish symptoms etc. learn to Listen To Your Body and you will manage it well.

TAKE A BREAK: The Human Body is the major vessel to express your passions and dreams of the heart, so don’t over drive it by not Resting the Body regularly. That is the beauty of Sleep and why God created it for us all. Every man is meant to Sleep daily, and Rest usually occurs when some of us Sleep. Manage Your Body by Taking a Break regularly.
EAT GOOD FOOD: The human body also needs good meals to ensure healthy living, just like some of us feed our minds with healthy information by reading good books, educating our mind with great information, we should also give our Bodies good treats by eating good Healthy meals. Did You notice Jesus said, ‘…and they had no leisure so much as to eat.’

RELAX WITH LEISURE: The Body should be managed by engaging it in something relaxing and entertaining, the brain sends the right signal to the body when it’s entertained hence the reaction is different from when it’s working. Like when we laugh, we live longer and enjoy the moments. Relax more often and don’t overwork your heart by looking for money like it’s the whole essence of life.

TAKE MEDICATION WHEN NECESSARY: This is a very crucial part of my thought today, I know most Preachers won’t tell you this but there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking medication when necessary in the process of managing your Body. Take a pain killer if you must, take your vitamins to recuperate and so on.

DO SOME EXERCISE: The Bible tells us that Bodily Exercise Profits a Little (1 Tim 4 v 8), so there is wisdom in ensuring that your Body stays strong and fit. Imagine a vehicle that is parked for weeks without someone starting the engine to ensure the oil circulates within…it might develop a bigger fault. Take a 30 minute walk daily on a minimum, it’s very heathy and makes you fitter.

READ THE WORD: Now this is my personal responsibility as a pastor, the Bible tells me that the Word of God is also good for the Body and has a way of working for the strength. ‘My son, attend to my words, incline thine ears unto my sayings…for they are life unto those that find them and HEALTH TO THEIR FLESH’ (Prov. 4 v 20-22).

I hope you have been Inspired…Shalom.

Be Inspired!

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Be Inspired!

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