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I’m very concerned about how we ‘Play the game of Life’ as believers in today’s secular world. I look at what is going on in America and wonder if there are believers still there and what Book is being used to play the game today. We are all players in this game of life and many people Do NOT play by the Book anymore.

Someone told me recently not to back a wrong horse in a dispute I’m involved in. I was meant to be an unbiased umpire but got involved as a player in the game, the fellow told me that the Political Leaders may not support the person I was backing hence I should not back the wrong horse if I have to win. I told the person, it’s not always about Winning but about doing what is Right, so I’m willing to back the wrong horse and lose the game and in the end go to bed knowing I did the right thing.

In the bible, you will recall what God told Joshua the Judge when he started to lead Israel, God simply told him to Play By The Book in Joshua 1 v 8;

‘This Book of the Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate therein day and night, that you may observe to do all that is written therein, for then you shall make your way prosperous and then you shall have good success.’

What a word, God asked him to play by the book, but the challenge is which book are we to play by. There are so many books out there today, like many games, the rule book determines the way we play the game. We all see this Game of Life differently, so we have different books guiding our steps and charting our paths. Some see this as a Game of Thrones and Power while others do not, but one thing is clear for believers, let’s all Play By The Book.

POLITICAL BOOK: some individuals make politically correct statements because that’s the way to play the game of politics. It’s a Game of Thrones and players always engage in lies, deceit and diplomacy. The rule book is political correctness and permanent interests not permanent friends, that’s why people with moral consciences don’t go too far in this game.
TRIBAL BOOK: The race war going on in America can be described as people playing the Game of Life using the Tribal Book and it’s very dangerous. The most influential civil rights leaders of all time spoke against playing by the ‘colour of your skins but by the content of your character.’ Martin Luther King Jr would want us to judge men by their character not colour or tribe. Some think all blacks are bad and all whites are right while others flip it around as well…both are wrong in my opinion.
SECULAR BOOK: This is what I call Philosophy without Morals. I am appalled with many believers who go to secular churches where sin is hardly mentioned, gay rights are preached, secular education is preferred above theological education, speak less about Jesus and more about secular heroes, ashamed of tilting to the right but being dragged to the left constantly etc. the secular book is good but the problem with it is that it’s difficult to define Right and Wrong when using that book.
THE BIBLE: The Bible is both a Spiritual and a Moral book but many who don’t know, want to see it from one angle only and deride the second theme in the book. The Bible like most religious books teach men to be better moral creatures in pursuit of spiritual excellence though many people hardly cross the former hurdle before getting to the latter. The Bible is the book I play by in playing the Game of Life.
MORAL CODE: There is a Moral Code out there that those who aren’t religious know fully well and Play by The Moral Book. They have a stronger sense of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Truth and Falsehood, they make decisions based on the Moral Codes that many of us have thrown away. I choose to Play by The Book and Rules.

I hope you have been Inspired and please don’t be fixated on winning but on doing what is right. I don’t mind losing the game if I can sleep well and my conscience is clear.Kindly drop me a note of acknowledgement of how this piece has blessed you and you can follow me on my social media handles:
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