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A few years ago, we were raising funds in our church for a particular project, and we gave out slips. When the account reconciliation was concluded, we found out that just one person had singlehandedly supported the project with a very lump sum. In the usual manner of the fundraising committee, they called that said person to ask to meet with them and upon meeting the so-called financial donor, the committee came back to me to say that our dreams were still farfetched. It turns out that the guy made the pledge by faith not really having the financial capacity to redeem that pledge. It became a laughable situation.

That incident is what has inspired today’s article; there are some pledges that we will never doubt if we knew who was behind the pledge but that does not take away the fact that circumstances may prevent such persons from fulfilling their pledges while there are some that we will immediately doubt the pledge once we know the person behind that pledge. When God makes a pledge or a promise to you, there should be no place for doubt albeit our minds may not be able to comprehend the enormity of the reality of that promise.

That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies; Gen. 22:17

The above scripture is a pledge God made to Abraham way before our Lord Jesus died on the cross. Abraham may have believed God, but I do not think that Abraham understood the magnanimity of the reality of that promise. Out of 7.9 billion people in the world as of September 2021, the two biggest religions in the world today; Christianity and Islam account for 4. 3 billion out of this population and we are really the seeds of Abraham. I do not think Abraham had envisioned it so…he saw it but was blind to the enormity of that promise.

Here are four (4) times in the bible that God’s promises were bigger than man’s imagination:

  1. JOSEPH THE DREAMER: in Gen. 37, Joseph shares his dreams with his brothers and parents; they all assumed that his dreams were limited to just ruling over their household. Hence, they decided to eliminate him; rather blind to the fact that the revelation God gave him was to rule over more than His family but the whole nation of Egypt.


  1. JACOB NOW ISRAEL: In Gen. 35 when God made the promise to Jacob and changed his name to Israel, because ‘nations and community of nations’ will come from him. Centuries after, a nation is named after him which is considered a regional power in the Middle East.


  1. PETER THE ROCK: Jesus had said that Peter was the rock upon which He will build the church and the gates of hell shall not prevail. The church is alive today centuries after this promise was made because of Apostle Peter. I do not think that he envisioned what began as a fellowship in the upper room will grow to become one of the world’s most powerful and biggest religions today.


  1. THE 12 SPIES: The land of Canaan was given to the children of Israel as a promise but when they sent out the 12 spies and the report of 10 of them was depressing, they ignored the promise because they saw what their ordinary eyes were telling them, and it made them spend an extra 40 years. (Num. 13)

I am using this article to encourage you today to hold steadfast to God’s promise whatever it may be that has been sent forth to you believe it and let the Holy Spirit guide you. Kindly share with me other promises of God in the bible that these great men saw but were blind to.

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