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Many years ago, my phones used to ring out ceaselessly and it stressed me daily. Most times, the ringtones of my phones caused heavy distractions for me during the day. I then decided to change the ring tones to something calmer and more soothing, but that did not solve the irritation that I felt with the noisy experience the ‘calming tones’ produced. One day, I turned on the Silent Mode, had such peace around me, and within me, I have not had a reason to turn them back since then, it has been over 7 years today and my phones are perpetually in Silent Mode.

The Bible tells us that we should also understand that there are times that we should keep our lives on Silent Mode, or at least our mouths so that we don’t have to talk always. ‘To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the Heaven; a Time to rend and a time to sow, a time to Keep Silence, and a time to Speak.’ (Eccl. 3 v 1,7). There are many lessons to learn from our mobile phones today that we are not learning, I will love to share some very important lessons of life from the devices you hold daily.

I recall several years ago, my secretary had to go recharge one of my lines with airtime, she then ran into my office and showed me one of the features of the phone I used then, it was magical, and all that period was using other manual methods to do what could have been done by that ‘thing’ I had in my hands. There are many things our phones are equipped to do that we may not even know about, those features would have made our lives a lot better if we had known of those features, so also are the many things that scripture tells us about.

Silent Mode is one of the great features in most phones, yet we hardly use the same. I know of a pastor daughter of mine, wonderful person and well cultured, she uses the silent mode as well, but I’ve had cause to share humour with her about her attitude to Silent Mode as being used as Incommunicado Mode. She is always incommunicado in my opinion instead of being silent, in other words, she misses more calls than pick those she wants to pick.

Let me share 5 things we can learn from running our lives on Silent Mode:

ACTIVITY IS STILL HEAVY: The Silent Mode is not the same as turning your phones off, the activity levels of the phones are still very heavy as before, messages are coming, mails are dropping, the phone is ringing, all other things are going on but only Silently. This is a very good lesson for me, I do not have to make noise to be active and productive in life.
NO NOISE IRRITATION: Have you ever sat beside someone on a bus or on the plane and you are in a meditative mode, then this noisy irritating terrible ring tone snaps you out of that quiet refreshing meditative mode? Yes! I have experienced such moments and would usually gnash my teeth, irritated and distracted. Silent Mode ensures little or No Noise Irritation in your life.
MANAGES YOUR EMOTIONS: The Silent Mode has a way of managing your emotions and feelings, you are not under pressure to pick some unwanted calls when the phone keeps ringing. This is a very salient but powerful point; I enjoy a more calming emotional experience whenever my phones are in Silent Mode.
MISSED CALLS: It looks like this is a bad thing, but it actually should be seen as a good thing. Those who put their phones on Silent Mode usually have more missed calls but that should be seen positively in some cases. It helps me organize the calls I return and those I gladly missed because some callers can become a pest to you.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPEAK ALWAYS: The Silent Mode is very instructive to leaders in life, you don’t have to dignify everyone who speaks with a response. The scriptures also tell us not to answer some fools lest they think they are wise (paraphrase, Prov. 26 v 4). You do not have to speak at all times, you can develop a philosophy around putting your life on Silent Mode and still be productive.

Let me close with a proverb I ran into some time ago, a tree grows without noise, but there is a loud noise when it is cut down. You can grow quietly without making too much noise.

Blessings and Shalom!

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