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The last few weeks has been very worrisome for me and I’m sure it is the same for many Nigerians living in the southern parts of the country. The killings in the northern parts are very different from the killings in the southern parts of the country. Those in the north are ruthless and wicked animals, bandits marauding the land unchecked and killing the people ruthlessly, this is coupled with the terrorists causing mayhem as well, however, the killings in the southern parts are ritual killings carried out by young people in the quest for quick wealth and riches. How did we get here?

Let me share one of my favourite passages in scriptures on Contentment and Godliness, ‘But Godliness with Contentment is Great Gain’ (1 Tim. 6 v 6). I know this sounds like an ‘old school’ message, it’s heartbreaking to see what the new school message has done to our society. The worship of money and love of wealth has turned our young men into ritualists, our young ladies into prostitutes, and our parents into weaklings.

Something must change, else we shall all be consumed by this dreadful menace that has the capacity of eating up an entire society and destroying the fundamental structures that were laid by our fathers. We all must speak out against the ‘get rich quickly’ Mantra out there and must stand against the populist ideology that Cash is King, we must be deliberate in enthroning moral values above money and wealth.

To achieve the above, we all have roles to play. I’ll share a few things that we must do towards dethroning Mammon in our society. Everyone must man his or her own space, push the right message and stand for the truth, no matter how unpopular it sounds.

CORRUPTION: We must agree that this is endemic in our society and is a major cause of the breakdown of morals in our nation. I heard about the involvement of the super cop of the Nigerian police in the drug business, it’s so sad. Corruption is fuelled by avarice and greed; we hardly ask questions about the source of people’s wealth and that’s at the core of our problem today.

COVETOUSNESS: I read about the couple who were involved in multi-billion Naira financial scams last year, they have disappeared into thin air. I am very worried because they were very known in the Pentecostal circles and the fact that they perpetuated the act together as couples. I would have expected one to call the other to order or caution somehow. We have desecrated our pulpits with messages that promote greed and covetousness in today’s world.

HONOUR ALL MEN: we have stigmatised poverty and celebrated wealth to an unforgivable height in our society. Jesus said, the poor shall always be in the land, we should learn to Honour All Men, Honour teachers who will never be as wealthy as bankers, Honour auto engineers who will not be as wealthy as petroleum engineers, Honour Clergymen who may never be as wealthy as Industrialists (even though some preachers compete with industrialists like Dangote, which should not be at all). Simply put, Honour all men.
REWARD GOOD MEN: We have a way of rewarding only Great Men and not Good Men. While the former is built around Fame and Wealth, the latter is Character. This has killed our nation; we are witnessing the money bags in politics asking for our votes when we see Good Men also shying away from this sacred profession.

I’m sincerely worried about the direction we are heading as a nation if we do not change the narrative. God will help us all.

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