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INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi Kasali

One of the things believers are told to do that we hardly do is to ‘Test All Spirits.’ This is so important because most of our actions are influenced by those we listen to and are in authority over us. We believe it will take a supernatural gift of the Holy Spirit to be able to Test or Discern spirits like Paul mentioned in 1 Cor. 12 v 10 but a careful look at those scriptures in question will let you see the differences between Testing and Discerning spirits by experience and help of the Holy Spirit respectively.

The Apostle John said there are many false prophets out there and they are more in today’s world, so we must test all spirits if we are to maintain a healthy Christian life as believers. The spirits that speak and influence those ahead of us are to be tested before we believe them because it will be too late after we believe the preachers and ignore what’s influencing them.

Hear the Apostle John; ‘Beloved, Believe NOT every spirit, but try (test) the spirits whether they are of God, because many false prophets are gone out in the world’ (1 John 4 v 1).

Unbelievable scripture that speaks into our world today. Someone sent me a video of a popular preacher who claims that the Holy Communion is not scriptural, I almost fell out of my chair in utter disbelief, another one said the Blood of Jesus should not be used again in prayers, I shudder and wonder which bibles these preachers read.

Do not be swayed with swagger, charm, dressing, and so on, rather be on the alert against celebrity pastors who teach false doctrines about Christ and our faith. Keep it simple and do not believe every preacher or spirit even if they are very famous.

I will be sharing my thoughts on the kind of spirits that are running different churches and maybe next week on how to test them and know what is speaking through your pastor or that celebrity teacher out there…


  1. FAMILIAR SPIRITS (ACTS 16 V 16-26): this is the counterfeit of the spirit of prophecy and word of knowledge rampant in the church today, so be careful to test the spirits and not believe them hook, line, and sinker.


  1. JEZEBEL SPIRIT (REV. 2 V 20): this is the counterfeit of legal authority over people but through painting of faces and changing moods, some leaders influence their followers by using Jezebel spirit.


  1. LYING SPIRIT (2 KINGS 22 V 22-23; 2CHRON. 18 V 21-22): this is a Counterfeit of the Spirit of Truth which those in Christ do God’s work as mentioned by our Lord in John 14 v 17.


  1. SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST (1 JOHN 4 V 1-4): this is the Counterfeit of Christ on earth that some very famous people use to control others and claim they are the ‘new Christ’ or ‘Messiah’.


  1. SPIRIT OF THE WORLD (1 COR. 2 V 12; EPH 2 V 2): this is the Counterfeit of living a godly and simple life after what glorifies God and honours man on earth.


  1. REBELLIOUS SPIRIT (1 SAM. 15 V 22): this is the dangerous spirit that I intend to preach this Sunday in our church, it is about how to Be Your Own God and Lord.

The last would have been the Spirit of Mammon but I chose not to add it because it almost controls all other spirits subtly without the carriers knowing. It’s very strong and competes for the place of God in our lives today.

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