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We are still in the independence euphoria marking the 60th birthday anniversary of Nigeria and it is safe to say that a lot of Nigerians do not feel the need for the fanfare surrounding this 60th anniversary. As such, there are a lot of unpatriotic memes and emojis conveying the disgruntled feelings of most Nigerians towards our Nation on social media.

Many Nigerians, including myself would have preferred to be born in a much more decent country and environment where law and order exists and the leaders are accountable to the people but the harsh reality is that, that is not the case. There are two things that can be done; either go on social media daily and keep cursing our nation and leaders or take on the positive side of things (which is one of the admirable things about Nigerians) by being an agent of that change you want and putting your hands on the plough.

And the men of the city said unto Elisha, Behold, I pray thee, the situation of this city is pleasant as my lord seeth: but the water is naught, and the ground barren – 2 Kings 2:19

Jericho in the above passage can be likened to Nigeria; we have the best people, arable land but we are not fruitful as a nation and this has brought about a sense of hopelessness that the Nigerian dream can never be achieved.
I will be sharing four (4) tips from the above passage on how we can make Nigeria great again.

NEW VESSELS/CRUISE: ‘And he said, Bring me a new cruse…’ 2 Kings 2:20 Everything in life begins and ends with leadership. What Nigeria and Nigerians need are new sets of leaders not a new political party; Nigeria needs new crop of leaders with passion for change who will bring honour to our nation. We tend to think that anytime new leaders are mentioned, we must mean young leaders albeit that may be true in some instances but in most cases the young leaders are more corrupt that the old leaders. These new leaders must spread across all spheres of life, religion, politics, civil service, governance, business, entertainment etc.
SALT SOLUTION: ‘…and put salt therein. And they brought it to him’ 2 Kings 2:20 Salt is used to season and salt in this instance represents MORALS and VALUES. To achieve the Nigerian dream and make Nigeria great again, we need morals and values in our system; a system that is not driven by corruption or corrupt leaders, a system that is not built around tribalism, a system that is not built around religious sentiments, a system where appointments are made based on merits and not the sentiments of Federal character, a system where the values of hard work, accountability, transparency, reputation, good name and mutual respect are upheld, applauded and appreciated.
THE ROOT: ‘And he went forth unto the spring of the waters, and cast the salt in there…’ 2 Kings 2:21 The spring of the waters represents the source of water and in this instance the source of the Nigerian problem. To make Nigeria great again, we need to firstly understand what the root cause of our problem is in this nation and only then can we work towards healing our waters. The root of the Nigerian problem stems from, corruption, tribalism, religious bigotry, nepotism, poverty, illiteracy, and lack of meritocracy.
THE WATER: ‘…but the water is naught…’ – 2 Kings 2:19. Water represents the word of God (Eph 5 v 26) and it is clearly evident that we have not been generous with speaking the word of God over our nation, rather we have cursed her with our words. Kindly repeat the following confessions over our nation.
New Cruse shall arise in Government houses across the land
New Vessels shall Manifest in the Judiciary to be Just and Fair
We shall have Moral Leaders in the Executive arm in Jesus name
God will Heal the Land from the Roots to Receive Healing from Wounds and Bruises caused from Tribalism and Hatred
God Shall Arise and Silence the Enemies of Righteousness, Justice and Oppression
Let the Vessels Arise and Take Their Places in Political Offices
Let the Oppressors Make Mistakes By Promoting The Right Vessels Into Power
The Divided House Shall Not Stand…Oh Lord Unite Our Land
Patriots Build Nations and Parties Build Empires…Raise Patriots for Us

I hope you have been inspired today to stop cursing our Nation and begin to work daily towards achieving the Nigeria of our dreams.Kindly drop me a note of acknowledgement of how this piece has blessed you and you can follow me on my social media handles:
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