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INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi Kasali

Laziness is very difficult to define in this age; there are many people who will not agree with the scriptures on the definition of laziness and slothfulness. I remember my younger days in my late father’s house and how he trained us to work hard and put our little revenue into our piggy bank (popularly called kolo from the Yoruba language). I didn’t like his style and methods but thank God for his grilling those tough days.

Solomon as the wisest man that ever lived outside our Saviour, Jesus Christ, made so many statements about lazy men in the scriptures, but one of my favourite sayings of Solomon is found in Prov. 22 v 13 and Prov 26 v 13-16; ‘The Slothful Man says, there is a Iion outside, I shall be slain in the streets’. What a word! That sounds like what I hear daily from so many people on social media and perhaps in private conversations with young people today.

‘Why would I go outside when there is a Lion there?’ ‘I don’t want to die!’ ‘This is so difficult, why should someone send me on such an errand?’ ‘This target is too farfetched, and my boss is inhuman; no one can handle such a job…’ The list of complaints is endless and so many people grumble and mumble such words online and in private conversations. However, I see all these in the light of scriptures as what The Slothful Man says.

The same streets the slothful man runs from because of the said lion is the same street that has produced so many Great men in Lagos, the same streets that has yielded fruits of success, the same streets that released fantastic entrepreneurs as fashion designers, caterers, make up artistes, financial gurus, tech professionals, fintech companies etc. I want to Inspire you today on the Lions slothful men run from.


  1. LION OF IMPOSSIBILITY: This is the Lion that scares most people to their pants. They are so afraid of the dreams and goals of their bosses or friends, they see the Impossible in everything Great and Lofty. They would rather stay at home or grumble at great ideas as impossible feats than try to venture by faith into the unknown.


  1. LION OF PARTIALITY: This is the Lion that some Lazy men see when favour attends the ways of some hardworking people. Many Christians undermine the graces of Joseph and teach like he was a lucky man. That’s far from the truth! He was truthful and a hardworking fellow, he ran the government of the land with hard work and not luck. Some see partiality and prejudice in everything that comes their way.


  1. LION OF FAILURE: This is the biggest and largest imaginary lion that slothful people see on the streets, they hear the roaring of Failure and tell their friends that they will rather stay at home than go to the streets and fail in their enterprise, little do they know that not going out is the bigger failure of lazy men.


  1. LION OF NEGATIVITY: Slothful people are usually negative people and make others feel there is a big Lion of Negativity on the streets that will eat them up if they venture into the streets of the unknown. Those who are slothful are always negative in their thoughts and see what does not exist.


  1. LION OF CREATIVITY: There is a Lion that scares lazy people out there and it is the ability to Think and be Creative within. They are afraid of the imaginary lion of creativity; this is expected to be a good thing, but they shy away from being creative because of fear of being laughed at.

Let me stop here and hope you can look at these lions, I hope you do not see them on the streets, and you shall take up the challenge by walking on the streets boldly and courageously, fortune favours the brave and gracious only.

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Be Inspired!

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