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Imagine a Good Friday without an Easter Sunday morning? Can you also imagine a Bleeding Cross without an Empty Tomb? Would our Christian faith exist today with the Death of our Lord but without the Resurrection of our Lord? The message of the Cross is strong because of the witness of the Sepulchre, and that is what I want to inspire you on today.

Apostle Paul spoke about the above thoughts when he told the Corinthian church, ‘If Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain and your faith vain’ (1 Cor 15 v 14). This is a very profound statement to make under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. God is clearly telling us here that without the Empty Tomb, there is no Christianity, and our preaching is totally needless and vain.

I have come to compare the Tomb (the place that produced our Christian faith) to a Womb today. It is very important to celebrate the Bleeding Cross, but it is even more important to celebrate the Empty Tomb as a Womb that produced the Faith. Christianity would not be the same religion had the Body been found in the Tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, oh it wouldn’t be the same at all.


  1. CONQUEST OVER DEATH: On the Cross, Jesus Died for our sins but the Empty Tomb was where Jesus Conquered Death as a being, not an event that took place on the cross. Death is swallowed up in Victory with the Empty Tomb that became the Womb that produced our victory as well.


  1. CONQUEST OVER SATAN: The Bible tells us that Jesus defeated the devil who had power over death (Heb. 2 v 14) when He rose from the Dead. The devil was roundly defeated with the empty tomb and the devil knows very well that it is over for him.


  1. EMBOLDENED THE APOSTLES: They were in hiding until the news broke out that Jesus had risen from the dead, Peter and John ran to witness what they had just heard and found an empty tomb only for the Lord to show up later and dined with them. The one who doubted Him, Thomas had to touch and feel Him to believe. This was the reason the Apostles were emboldened and strengthened to witness the Tomb that became the Womb that produced the church.


  1. POWERFUL CHURCH: The Church of our Lord was powerful because of the testimony of the Empty Tomb. The apostles were persuaded and convinced others to Join this great army of God and push the frontiers of the gospel forward. This became the only message of the early church and they were not doctrinally infused with things that do not matter as we are today.

Finally, I want you to express your gratitude to Heaven for the empty tomb and understand it is the womb of our faith today.

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