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I know there are many people with different experiences from this pandemic but through deep reflection and keen observation, I have noted some lessons that I would love to share with you hoping to Inspire and Stimulate your minds today towards action not just knowledge.

The most fascinating thing about life is that Wise men learn through observations, this opinion is supported by scriptures most especially when looking at the wisest man that ever lived in the Bible. ‘And Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt, for he was wiser than all men…and he spake three thousand proverbs, and his songs were a thousand and five, he spoke of trees…he spake of beasts, and of fowls, and of creeping things and of fishes’ (1 kings 4 v 30-33)

I’m really baffled at how Man easily forget things that happen; events that we go through are forgotten with time but never experiences. Many people stealing today seem to have forgotten that there was a Gen. Abacha who looted our nation’s treasury and couldn’t enjoy the Riches in the graves or the former Petroleum Minister that has been in hiding for about 5 years now. However, I want to share my thoughts on Unforgettable Lessons From Covid-19.

GOD IS IN CONTROL OF PLANET EARTH: He can decide to Pause the system anytime He wants and do Whatsoever pleases Him from His Majestic Throne above.  He decided to place us all on hold with Covid-19 and remind us that He Rules In The Affairs Of Men (Dan. 4 v 34-35).  There was absolutely nothing that we could have done about Covid-19 because we were all helpless for a few months till now.
LIFE IS SHORT: We have all seen people die in the last few months that no one knew would die. Life is short so we should spend our time on earth with that knowledge and do good to all men. There are many important things that have been neglected until Covid-19 showed up, family, faith, friends, and health shot back to the front burners and I hope we don’t forget all these.
PLANS ARE NOTHING: I will never stop planning and tell men Not to have Plans but we should always remember that Plans Are Nothing Without God and we must say, ‘By God’s Grace’ every time we share our dreams and plans. Many plans were thwarted by Covid19 and people had to go back to the drawing boards to start all over again.
THE RICH AND MIGHTY ARE ALSO HUMAN: Death often comes to remind us of the humanity of our celebrities occasionally, but we hardly learn from the ones taken by it. Death has shown us again that both rich and mighty are feeble when he comes knocking as the Rider on the Pale Horse of the Book of Revelation (Rev 6 v 8), so we should remember that they are human after all.
WE CAN DO WITHOUT CHURCH NOT WITHOUT FAITH: I’ve often shared my belief that Faith is more important that Church (2 Cor. 13 v 5) and that Church is simply the place where Faith is strengthened though many believed Church was more important until Covid19 came knocking, now we’ve all realized that Church Buildings and Cathedrals Are Overrated and Faith Is Underrated.
MATERIALISM IS DECEITFUL: One of my Associate Pastors spoke to me about the way we have overrated materialism and possessions, can you imagine that many of us haven’t bought clothes, shoes, watches, jewelleries, wigs, etc. Things that we used to think we could not do without, yet we haven’t had any use for them for months, we have been detached from the things that held us bound for years…materialism. Many of us have suddenly become more spiritual and philosophical in the last few months.
TECHNOLOGY IS THE PRESENT FUTURE: Yes, I know it sounds like an Oxymoron but it’s true that Technology has come to stay and become the Present Future for all of us. Some call it the new normal but I call it the present future in our world. I didn’t realise that we can all be glued to technology and the world can run on tech not the substances we used for years. We are in the future presently and should all change.

I hope you will keep these lessons close to your hearts. Many blessings and Shalom.

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