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We live in a very noisy world, and many do not know how to discern the difference between Voice and Noise. There are many people struggling for direction and striving to understand their purpose, and most often than not, they flow most of the time with the noise around us and ignore the voice within them. I would love to Inspire you today on following the Voice not Noise around you today.

Our Lord Jesus describes one of the most impactful and iconic prophetic figures in the bible simply as ‘The Voice of One Crying in the wilderness’ (Matt. 3 v 3). John the Baptist was a unique figure in his days, quite popular for some wrong reasons, and yet became the forerunner to our Lord’s ministry. He was NOT a Noise but a Voice.

I ran into a post by one of my former pastors on social media recently, I felt so sad and bad, this was a fellow who grew up in a very conservative church environment, his post was about a pastor who is notorious for extramarital affairs and pushing his agenda. This surely was someone who has lost his Voice and flowing with the Noise out there. There are so many Noisemakers who are also famous for not making any specific impact in the lives of people outside making noise to be heard.

Kindly sit back and evaluate your decisions in the last few years to ascertain the reasons behind the actions, Noise, or Inner Voice. Are you sure you are not following the Noise being made by many people without really checking out what they are saying? Noise isn’t as clear as Voice, so be careful about what you are following.


 SOCIAL MEDIA NOISE: This is the noisiest place today and it’s drowning many voices in our lives. Many people make life decisions based on social media noise and lose their identities in life. Follow your inner voice, not the outside noise.

CELEBRITY NOISE: There are many celebs that make noise about fashion, trends and so on yet they lack a distinct voice to give direction. People just follow what these celebs are doing without checking it out with the Voice within their spirits if it’s okay. The fact that a celebrity is doing it doesn’t make it right.

 SOROSOKE NOISE: I recall the Noise around the SoroSoke Activism a few months ago, and I must say that I acknowledge the clamour for police reforms but I thought it became Noisy at some point without any Voice to give clear directions to the movement. Many young people love Noise and don’t understand that Life is about the Voice within.
POLITICAL NOISE: We are getting to the Election season in our country, and we shall begin to hear the Noise of Politicians promising us night and day but definitely do not intend to fulfill any of those promises. Let’s be watchful and careful about the Noise from the Political Camps.

Let me summarize by asking you to listen to the Inner Voice and do not let the Noise outside drown the Voice. Selah!
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