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I had a beautiful time on my Instagram Live program over the weekend and shared my thoughts on the subject of Internet Fraud, most of my followers share my sentiments on the subject and we actually agreed that it is something that shouldn’t be discussed within the church walls because it’s simply a ‘no brainer.’

However, I noticed that the conversation strayed into Money and Morals which my associates and I ruminated over the two issues and concurred without debate that these Two are Giants today battling for the Control of humans. Sadly, it looks like One is Winning the battle and the other losing grounds daily without hope of recovery except something is done fast.

Let me Inspire you today with the very popular scripture on Money and Morals; many of us haven’t seen this passage in that light but that’s actually what Apostle Paul was trying to drive into Timothy’s mind and spirit, I will paraphrase the scripture to make sense in our today’s language below;

‘for the love of money is the root of all evil…’ – (1 Tim 6 v 10)

‘It’s the love of money that is the cause of all moral issues in this world…’ (Yomi Kasali’s Version)

‘d love of moni na im dey mek pesin chuk hand inside all kain of yama yama tins’ – (Pidgin)

The above says a lot between Money and Morals. I’ll be doing a sermon series on the Battle between these Giants controlling and influencing humanity in the coming month but let me briefly share my thoughts on what we can do to get our morals back on track. We must rebuild the Moral Institutions in our society like in every other society. These Institutions have been destroyed by Money and those who are on the side of Money have thrown Morals out of their lives because of the Love of Money.

There are at least 5 very powerful Moral Institutions that have been destroyed in Nigeria and until we rebuild them, we may struggle to have a country where Merit is King, Character is Honoured, Competence is Embraced, Corruption is Loathed, Evil is Condemned, Crime is Reduced, Lives are Protected and Women are not Abused.

HOME: We cannot over emphasize the place of Home Training in the moral development of a child. I first learnt not to lie from home, my parents slammed me when I stole, I was taught not to fight from home, I learnt Respecting elders from home, etc. It is sad that parents have failed their children and have left their home training responsibilities. Money talks not Morals in most homes today.
SCHOOL: Immediately after we leave our homes, we go to school and the teachers not only taught us academics but also Moral Education. They drove it into us through songs in local languages, teachers used to ‘cane’ us for coming to school late, we didn’t cheat during exams, we didn’t take another person’s pen and writing materials, we observed what was called ‘punishment’ in those days in school. However, today, our parents pay for ‘special centres’ for their children and ladies give sex for grades; boys are all cultists etc.
TRADITIONAL INSTITUTIONS: Our kings, Obas and Ezes were custodians of our traditions and cultures, but the English man came and told us to throw them all away, some weak and feeble leaders that had inferiority complex embraced western culture for local culture. That is why our young people put their pants way below their waste; they wear gold chains like gangsters; they use the F word as if it’s okay to do so; they have imported a different culture in the name of civilization and some ladies are even trying out Ultra-feminism in the name of Civilization. Shame on us!
RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION: This is the point where I weep always, because even if all others fail, those who are closer to God and teach us God’s word should never let Money also corrupt their values and weaken their Morals. The church has also failed us all, since we stared preaching prosperity messages in a bid to compete with businessmen (whose work is profit driven and ours isn’t) by buying private jets and living outlandish lifestyles. The church is supposed to be the biggest Moral Institution, but it has become a Business Enterprise where they teach you how to make money.
POLITICS AND GOVERNANCE: This is where the West are far better than us; they see those in political leadership over them as Moral Leaders hence when one is found wanting, the Media will pile pressure on such until he resigns. The standards are very high for them but ours is a Comedy House of Shame; politics without values, and the people love it so.

Let me stop here and get feedbacks from you. If you have been Inspired, kindly drop me a note and I hope to reply you once I get it.

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