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I remember back then in school, for every lesson learnt on a subject (maths etc), there was always a test to prove one’s knowledge of those long hours of lectures and those tests usually carry 20-30% of the total examination score. Over the years, we have received lectures on different subjects from the pulpit from great preachers and the great churches we attend. Now, it is time to test our knowledge on a particular subject and everywhere is quiet just like the test hall (because the whole world is on a pause due to COVID-19) and we have all been handed papers to live out or write out what we have learnt over the years. Now is the time for the big test and only those who have been taught right and assimilate same will pass this test because, unlike school days, it is not the teachers(preachers) that have set the test but the education board (God).

With the rise and spread of this virus comes along with it economic hardships that will hit most countries hard or harder and now more than ever, when we are expected to fill out our answer sheets, Christians are puzzled and oblivious on how to react or give answers to these test questions which is why we have homes falling apart, rift, rivalry and bitterness on the rise because we have not been taught right on this particular subject. Most preachers have dwelt on the ‘prosperity message’ forgetting to teach their teeming members on how to live during a time of adversity.

Apostle Paul puts it so succinctly in Philippians 4:11-12 ‘Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learnedI know both how to be abased (adversity), and I know how to abound (prosperity): every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.’ Success is not about being affluent but knowing how to manage your wealth and how to survive in the time of adversity. The wisest man that ever lived admonished us to be like the ants in prov. 6:6-8;
Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:
Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler,
Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.

The ants understand the relevance and meaning of seasons and what they represent, and as such, prepares herself for those seasons. So also, there are always two (2) main seasons in the life of man, season of prosperity and season of adversity.

I will be sharing with you five (5) keys on how to survive in the days of adversity.


  1. DO NOT LIVE ABOVE YOUR MEANS: You may have received a pay cut from your employers or your salary may have been withheld throughout the duration of this lockdown/pandemic or you may have lost your job, it is important that you do not live in the illusion that you still earn what you were earning before the lockdown. It is important that you do not begin life after the pandemic settling debts owed during the pandemic.


  1. DO NOT TRY TO PLEASE AND IMPRESS OTHERS: it is pertinent to note that you do not need the approval of anyone to be termed successful or to be ‘balling’ (using the terminology of the new agers). If you have garri at home, drink your garri with joy without thinking about the chicken, sharwarma or pizza your colleague or friend just posted on their social media handle. Be wise!


  1. IT IS TEMPORARY: this season will not last forever, do understand that this is only a temporary setback not permanent. God has His plan for you and that is still going to come to fruition, so you have to trust Him at this time to pull you through these trying times. So do not stop praying, singing, and laughing because things are tough, rather be joyful because you have a much tougher backbone (God). Be cheerful and be of good spirit.


  1. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU CANNOT CHANGE: this is the trap most people are falling into during this lockdown. Jonah slept through the storm when he was running away from God because he knew he could not change what was happening with the storm (Jonah 1:5). The curve is not being flattened, the numbers are rising by the day, the whole world is on lockdown, the price of oil has crashed; so, what? One thing is sure, you cannot change any of the things happening in the world right now so why do you worry? Trust God and believe that He is faithful and just to deliver you from this pandemic.


  1. DO NOT TRANSFER YOUR ANGER TO YOUR LOVED ONES: this is another trap that the devil wants you to fall into. This lockdown is an opportunity that should be used to play with your family and loved ones; play (ludo games, playstation, ayo games, card games) and pray for and with your loved ones and strengthen that family bond. They are not the cause of this pandemic or lockdown, they can do nothing about it either so why take out your anger on them? Rather, embrace and bring them closer to yourself and you may find out that they are more important than your work because they will always love you unconditionally.

I hope I have been able to inspire you to put the above simple keys on surviving in the time of adversity to practice in these times.

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