INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi KasaliI am an avid fan of proverbs and adages but also a thinker and student of life so I implore you to give me your undivided attention for the next 5 minutes as you read through this piece with an open heart. I have learnt many things from God that I did not have to experience in life and ran into some scriptures that have molded my philosophy of life and ministry.

One of the scriptures I love is found in Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians and it’s about how the church learnt Christ, ‘But ye have not so learned Christ; If so be that ye have heard him, and have been taught by him, as the truth is in Jesus (Eph. 4 v 20-21).

The word I love in the passage is, ‘YOU HAVE NOT SO LEARNT CHRIST’, so it gives me pleasure to reveal many other ways we can learn outside Experience so that we may be wiser. In fact, I love to say that ‘wise men learn from other people’s mistakes and errors and only fools learn from theirs by making the same mistakes.’

I do not believe a lady has to Experience Sex before marriage to learn about how terrible men are. I do not believe it’s great to have or Experience a broken marriage to know how to teach people on what to do to avoid a Broken Marriage. I do not just think it’s wise to Go to Hell and come back (impossible) so that you can come and write books on how to avoid going to Hell; the Bible tells us what to do. Let me Inspire you today on 4 Ways to Learn and be taught in life and I will also share my opinion on the Best Teacher of all the 4 Ways.


  1. BE TAUGHT BY SOMEONE: This is probably the most common and popular way of learning. We learnt how to walk by being taught, we learnt our alphabets in school (formally) when our teachers taught us, we learnt many things like how to greet and so on at home (informally) when our parents and siblings taught us. This is the most common way today; we learn a lot by being Taught by Teachers. So, I celebrate Parents and Teachers today for teaching us things informally and formally.


  1. BY EXPERIENCE: There are some things that our parents and teachers did not teach us but we learnt by ourselves through Experience. Sometimes, we may have been taught these things but we did not believe them until we had to experience it ourselves. For instance, I remembered my parents taught me not to steal but I had to steal while in Boarding house and it took me experiencing different strokes of the cane and days on the field cutting grasses to know that stealing is bad. It was a nasty Experience and I immediately knew there was something wrong with stealing. Experience indeed can be a nasty teacher but not the best in my opinion.


  1. BY STUDYING PEOPLE AND OBSERVING CONDUCTS: This is another way of learning and those who are deeply reflective and intelligent have used this method to their advantage. I also prefer this method because I’ve had to add to my knowledge bank through observation of people, Politics, Power, animals, conducts, etc. Solomon the wisest man on earth learnt like this and wrote most of his wise proverbs through this way, ‘And he spake three thousand proverbs: and his songs were a thousand and five. And he spake of trees, from the cedar tree that is in Lebanon even unto the hyssop that springeth out of the wall: he spake also of beasts, and of fowl…’ (1 Kings 4 v 32-33).


  1. LEARNING FROM GOD: God is the Best Teacher any day and anytime. The Holy Spirit is introduced to us in scriptures as our Teacher and Helper, many believers do not consult Him in times of trials and troubles, we trust Men more than God in my humble opinion. In fact, I believe some secular preachers have portrayed God as an Old Man who is not techy and up to date with Situations of men on earth, hence they have taught people to use their ‘wisdom’ and ‘brains’ when it comes to some issues with the exact words “take God out of it.” God is All knowing and is the Ancient Of Days that knows about All Days including Today. He is not Archaic but Ancient.

I pray you have been Inspired today by this article and will change your position about learning.

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Be Inspired!

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