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I am sure you may feel offended or bewildered with the topic of my article today, but I truly believe that some people are ‘Faith Fatigued’ today in church hence the apparent backslidden state of some of the finest believers.

Paul admonished the Church In Galatia not to be ‘wearied’ in well doing or Fatigued in Faith, this is the way he puts it, ‘and let us not be weary (fatigued) in well doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not’ (Gal. 6 v 9). It is very clear that people can be fatigued in doing good and keeping faith in a matter.

He repeated the same thing to the Believers in Thessalonica when he was dealing with being ‘lazy’ as Christians; he charged the church that they should not encourage people that do not work but begged, he said he that does not work should not eat…then he rounded up with a chilling directive on doing well at the same time, ‘but you brethren, be not weary in well doing’ (2 Thess. 3 v 13).

I intend to share my thoughts on why we get fatigued in keeping faith today, especially because we do not spend quality time in the Word towards INSPIRING us on how to live in the World. It is the Word that has the capacity to Inspire, Teach, Guide and Help us live well in this World.


  1. WHEN SEEDS DO NOT BECOME HARVEST: Paul told the Galatian Believers to continue to sow seeds of ‘good works’ and I’m not saying ‘money’ but good deeds. People do good expecting some good deeds in return somehow, but get Faith Fatigued in the process and cause if nothing happens in return or they do not get a harvest of good deeds.


  1. LACK OF PATIENCE IN OUR TEACHINGS TODAY: We have totally become a ‘microwave’ generation of believers in conduct and behaviour. We are so impatient that we want quick returns on our ‘Faith Investments’ and become WEARIED towards quitting on the Cause. The microwave mindset is not waiting to cook the meal anymore but just get home and bring something out of the refrigerator to ‘quickly’ microwave and eat, that is the mindset killing this generation. Patience is Profitable (SURULERE)


  1. ENVY OTHERS WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THEIR STORIES: The vice called Envy has done irreparable damage to the lives of our finest and brightest because of lack of information on the truth behind the scenes of wealthy people. Many would see Invictus Obi some years ago and envy him, some pastors may even have attempted inviting him to speak on their pulpits to charge the people on how to succeed, oblivious of the fact that there was some fraud happening behind the scenes.


  1. MISUNDERSTANDING OF OUR FAITH: James spoke about not having the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ with respect of persons. that means many of us really do not understand what the ‘Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ’ truly means. It has nothing to do with wealth, riches, and fame but rather in changing lives morally and saving souls spiritually. Once those two are not in the equation, it’s not the Faith of our Lord Jesus, the reason the Faith Fatigued Generation of Believers are quitting going to church today because of their Faith in Men not in God. Some are disillusioned with the way some bishops live today and now blame God for it all.

Let me stop here and I hope you have been Inspired, do not be Faith Fatigued but Faith Challenged.

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Be Inspired!

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