INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi KasaliNice cars, nice watches, beautiful house, lovely family, good life, designer clothes, fat bank account, and many more material things like the above may be what most people in capitalistic society live for but should there be a better reason for living?

Life is heavily complicated and those who have a philosophical approach to it aren’t respected in deeply materialistic societies. Many will never like the life lived by the likes of Mandela, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jnr, Mother Teresa and so many moral leaders in the world. In fact, many people may not like to even make Jesus their role model if He wasn’t our saviour and Lord because of the power of materialism in today’s world.

Paul mentioned one of the most powerful words in the Bible and we should use it as our signature on yahoo mails like I have done for some years now; ’For Me To Live Is Christ…’ (Philippians 1 v 21). This is what should give your life a meaning and define purpose of living. I believe that we should give deep thoughts to redefining our values by moulding them around Christ as believers.

Allow me to Inspire you on how to live for Christ without being fanatical or eccentric in life. This is very important for those who want to Live for Christ who may not necessarily be a Pastor, Deacon, Evangelist, Missionary, or some far right Christian. They are just some simple tips that can aid you to Live For Christ, by Living For Why Christ Came.


  1. LOVE PEOPLE: Christ loved people and lived for those around Him. I marvel at those who profess to be Christians and Hate people. It is amazingly strange because that’s so ‘UnChrist’ because it’s Love that defined His life and ministry.


  1. FIGHT FOR THE WEAK: Jesus spoke up for the weak and feeble, helped the widows and orphans; that is how to Live for Christ. How many of us are really fighting for the weak in society and speaking up for the oppressed yet we say we are Christians but don’t reflect His values.


  1. FEED THE POOR: I am sure you remember that Jesus actually Fed 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, we should do similar things today like Paying the school fees of children whose parents cannot afford cannot afford to send them to school,  helping those who don’t have accommodation, and supporting with our resources regularly. That is what it means to Live for Christ.


  1. LIVE A LEGACY: Everything we say today about Jesus was done 2000 years ago yet we still mention His works today because He Lived for the future and left a Legacy behind. I am tired of seeing our church leaders living today like that’s the only reason to live.


  1. SIMPLY DO GOOD: This actually summarizes the Life of our Lord and Saviour, it’s so captured in one of my favourite verses for doing good, ‘How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who went about DOING GOOD…’ (Acts 10 v 38). Just do good and you will be Living for Christ. Don’t break the law, don’t run red lights, don’t jump the queues, don’t steal, don’t be corrupt, don’t tell lies etc. Just do good!

I hope you have been Inspired to Live for Christ and make the above your mantra for life.
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Be Inspired!

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