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Today is celebrated in America as Thanksgiving Day and their citizens globally will be taking out the day to spend time with their families and loved ones. It is a very unusual day in their lives and many of them take this celebration very seriously; they do not go to work, only emergency services workers are allowed to spend some time at work, shops close, the Leaders join millions of citizens to Thank God for being with them over the years.

I am not interested in writing about the History behind Thanksgiving in America but want to Inspire you today on Thursday to be THANKFUL to God always. I know my article comes out on Mondays but today’s article is coming out on Thursday because of this special occasion. I want to join the most powerful country in the world to celebrate Thanksgiving Day because it is in line with my faith and values.

There was an event of healing of some lepers mentioned in the Bible where Jesus healed 10 lepers but only one of them came back to THANK Him. That account infuriated the Master and He publicly ‘Condemned’ the action of the 9 Lepers and ‘Commended’ the only person that came back to show gratitude. From the passage mentioned, it is safe to deduce that only 10% of people that receive blessings that come back to Thank God

‘Then Jesus answering said, were there not ten cleansed? But Where are the nine, there are not found that returned to give Glory to God but this STRANGER’ (Luke 17 v 17-18)

We celebrate our own version of Thanksgiving to God in our church annually on the third Sundays of December to celebrate God’s faithfulness and kindness to us as His children, I often ask people to come with a Thankful heart and not an entitlement culture. I’ll share my thoughts with you on why people don’t Thank God.


  1. ENTITLEMENT CULTURE: Those nine people that were healed possibly didn’t come back to Thank God because they were Jewish hence felt Entitled to the healing. Many people in church feel very entitled to receiving certain Blessings from God and don’t see why they should be Thankful to Him because ‘He was obligated to do so…’. What a wrong mindset!


  1. IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL: Another possible reason those lepers didn’t show gratitude was because it wasn’t a Big Deal to them as Jewish people. There were many documented testimonies of lepers healed in the past so why should this be different? After all, He is the Messiah and should prove that to them by Healing Lepers like them.


  1. THEY WERE ON THEIR WAY TO THE PRIESTS: They were told to go show themselves to the Priests and actually got healed on the way, so they would love to approach Thanksgiving Religiously not actually with Gratitude in their hearts. The only person that came back didn’t have a relationship with the Priests (he wasn’t Jewish) but with the Healer who healed them. We sometimes become so ‘Religious’ that we lose our ‘spirituality’.


  1. THERE WERE OTHER PROBLEMS UNSOLVED IN THEIR LIVES: This is the most popular reasons why people don’t Thank God, they focus on several other problems in their lives and ignore the little ones that He solves daily for us. That kind of attitude always shows ingratitude towards God and people that help them because they trivialize some acts of kindness because of the bigger ones they were looking for.

Let me drop my pen and close my thoughts by asking you to celebrate the goodness of God in your life while also asking you to cultivate an attitude of THANKS always.

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Be Inspired!


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