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The recent ban placed on Okada in Lagos came as a rude bombshell and the reactions were more shocking to me personally because of the previous issues that had attended the use of okada in the most populous city in Africa. I had heard many people complain seriously about Okada riders in the past, their recklessness in attitude, the impatience in traffic, the daredevil stunts performed when riding without training, the disregard for traffic lights, the many victims of the wild and daring transport experience in the hospitals (in fact, igbobi has a ward dedicated to these accident victims).

I marvel at the negative reactions and wondered if I understood the murmurings and grumblings at all, I am totally in support of the decision of government but would have preferred an alternative before banning those ‘death riders’ on our roads. It’s like the Bible’s ‘Rider of Pale horse’ that led many to death and destruction. But I have since had to do some deep meditations and come to the conclusions that WE DO NOT KNOW THE VALUE OF WHAT WE HAVE UNTIL WE LOSE IT…

The above is the most humbling lesson from the Okada Ban, we complain about them when they were on the roads yet we cry when they were told to leave the roads, so what should the government do to ensure safety and security of lives. We do not want them yet we miss them; they have become the people we love to hate and hate to love unfortunately, what lessons we should learn.

I’ll love to Inspire you on some lessons from the ban and hope you can all pick some vital points as Christians, especially the people around us that we hardly appreciate yet we really cannot do without them. These are our own Okadas that we ride to our land of happiness but we always complain about them not knowing their values until we are without them.


  1. GOD: I cannot imagine what I’ll do without God in my life. We sometimes complain about God not helping us out when we need Him most, we doubt if He answers prayers, we ask about Breakthroughs and wonder if He still does miracles but how many of us can LIVE WITHOUT GOD IN OUR LIVES? Let’s value spiritual things more than ephemeral.


  1. YOUR PASTOR: I am a man of God and have to be sincere that many people do not appreciate their Pastors; we complain about them, abuse them on social media, loathe their presence and sometimes avoid their visits at home. We call them thieves because of the tithe factor yet many of us call on them to name our children, join us in holy matrimony, bury our loved ones when they pass on, bless our new homes, pray for us when we are sick Etc… what will we do without good pastors in our world. Let’s value and appreciate them today.


  1. YOUR PARENTS: There are people who do not like their parents and disrespect them; some are ashamed of them because they are uneducated Or poor, many aren’t proud of those that brought them to this world yet I wonder what we will be without our parents especially good parents… Do not ban them in your life, they can carry you to your destinations.


  1. YOUR SPOUSE: I weep for those who aren’t happily married and bleed for those who have Banned their spousal okadas in their lives yet wonder who will carry them to their land of the living. We need one another in this life and truly do not want to trek home alone so we should appreciate those we call husbands and wives; we should ignore the flaws and pray for them to be better. I do not want to do without my spousal okada for a day, I’d rather you manage them to ride together to your peaceful home.


  1. YOUR FRIEND: I thank God for my brother, friend, colleague in ministry and confidant, Pastor Pedro, popularly known as Pastor P or Don P at work. We all need good friends and no matter how old they are or slow they are, I cannot do without my Okada Friend because we’ve been riding on these lonely but lovely road for years together, we shall make it home by His Grace together. Do not Ban your Okada Friend in your life, else you may have to trek home alone. Value the true friends around you today.

I hope you have been Inspired by my Lessons from Okada Ban today and embrace People around you that have need to be VALUED.

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