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I had lunch with my son in my favourite Chinese restaurant while on vacation recently and we had a very good father and son conversation about Life, Success, Money, Relationships and Work. He shared his dreams with me again and I listened to him with keen interest to know if he still had his godly values intact as his mother and I have taught him over the years. He then mentioned his shared dream with someone he considers his best friend, when profiling this fellow to me again, he said something like, ‘…you know Parker, he is a quiet, Christian accountant…’, I picked the word Quiet and started a conversation like I love to do always.

My opinion of a successful life is formed from many scriptures and one of which summarizes the mind and will of God as ‘Living a Quiet Life’, I quickly shared that scripture with him and told him how to achieve such in this boisterous world of ours.

Paul the Apostle told Timothy about living a Quiet and Peaceful life, he said it is good and acceptable in the sight of God… amazing isn’t it. ‘…that we may lead a QUIET and PEACEABLE LIFE in all godliness and honesty, for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour’2 (1 Tim 2 v 2-3). What a Life and I’m sure some of my readers will immediately cast their minds out of Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, London, Kano and the busiest places on earth.

God wants us to ‘Live A Quiet and Peaceful’ life because it is totally acceptable in His sight and the opposite is Unacceptable with Him. It Is a mystery to think that that is achievable in today’s busy world of Danfo, Okada and Keke…oh I’m sorry, the latter have been banned from some Lagos roads (sic).

I’ll like to share with you some profound secrets on how to Live a Quiet Life.


  1. DO NOT BE NOISY AND LOUSY: You can be in a bus and no one will notice you; while some will be in the same bus and make too much noise; you can live a very quiet life without noise around you. There are people who speak loud on the phones and distract other people, I often wonder if they know that we are not interested in their conversation, yet they forcefully bring us into their matter without our permission. Do not be Noisy and Lousy as a person.


  1. DO NOT DRESS IN A LOUSY MANNER: Many people are noisy in their dressing and fashion; they usually want to make Fashion statements and that make them the centre of attraction daily. I prefer to live moderately and encourage others to do so. We need to teach people about dress sense and not just in colours but in manners.


  1. DO NOT BE FLASHY WITH YOUR WEALTH: This is the sin many preachers commit, which worshippers have sadly embraced. Why tell us about your private jets, your 7-star lifestyle in Dubai, your million dollar wrist watches and palatial mansions that you live in? They are all Private and should be kept as such if you are comfortable with that lifestyle. That is why many people are committing crimes today because they are trying to keep up with the trends.


  1. DO NOT LIVE THE SOCIAL MEDIA LIFESTYLE: I call the flash on social media the lying life, people take pictures of themselves in houses they don’t own, cars they can’t afford, places they’ve not been, people they’ve not met etc. The magic of photoshop has created a Lie that many people live today, and they simply claim they are living their dreams. We need to tell our people the truth between reality and utopia, we should just Live a Simple and Quiet life and Be Happy.


  1. DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH UNGODLY PEOPLE: Give yourself the best gift this season by looking for a good godly church to attend and nurture your soul towards living a quiet and peaceable life. There are many churches out there who fuel the greed in men and make them money monsters in this world. Do not associate with ungodly people even if they come in the name of bishops and pastors.

I hope you have been Inspired Today on how to Live Well and explained what the Bible calls a Prosperous and happy Life with these simple keys that can help you through 2020 and this decade.

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