The above topic is from my Bible, the Lord categorically told the King that any form of Rebellion will be likened to Witchcraft, yet many believers and Christian leaders are encouraging rebellion in the name of the Lord.

I watched a video of a very popular preacher in the south-south area of NIGERIA, this person is always involved in one negative behaviour or the other, berating the Government concerning Covid19 and asking his members to refuse being tested because it’s the way of spreading the virus… laughable indeed.

The fellow was encouraging what the Lord condemned and Likened to witchcraft; Rebellion! Any act of Rebellion to constituted authority is considered wilful sin against the Lord because it’s strengthened by deliberate disobedience to those in authority. ‘For Rebellion is as the SIN OF WITCHCRAFT, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, he has also rejected you from being king’ (1 Sam. 15 v 23).

The reason for the downfall of the first kind of Israel was summarized in above verse of scriptures, he was disobedient to the word of the Lord and it was considered as an act of Rebellion. The earlier verse says, ‘…Obedience is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams’, so God had to tell him that to obey His servant the prophet was better than sacrificing to God. This was a directive to a KING from the King of Kings so that he would know that Everyman should obey constituted authority.

Let me Inspire you today on the biblically recognized constituted authorities over our lives so that we can understand the mind of God concerning Obedience and Rebellion which is the opposite of Obedience in the spirit. It was for this reason that God casted out Satan from His presence and removed Adam from Staying in His garden. Let’s be obedient to those in Authority over us always.


  1. GOVERNMENT: God has placed people in positions of Authority over us in nations. They are to make laws for the good of the society and we are expected to ‘obey’ those laws, pay our taxes and dues, be socially responsible and to do otherwise will be considered rebellious. Many preachers act like they’ve not read Rom. 13 v 1-4. Those in political leadership over our lives are considered ‘ministers of God’ hence we must obey them. Please OBEY THE LAW AND DIRECTIVES OF GOVERNMENT CONCERNING COVID19.


  1. AT HOME: The constituted authority at home and in a Family is the Man of the house, hence, wives should respect their husbands, children obey their fathers and the home shall be in sync with Heaven’s order. Jezebel was called a witch in the Bible for manipulating her husband and controlling the home. We should not let the Rebellious women groups out there push us into Rebellion under any circumstances. I believe a woman is not under authority of every Man but ONLY her husband and I do not want to work with any woman who says she will not be under authority of any man even her husband.


  1. AT WORK: This is where it gets tricky because of some egocentric men who are also Rebellious do not want to be under the authority of women under any circumstances even at work. The boss at work must be obeyed at all times, be it a woman or man except the person asks you to do what is unscriptural like when the Woman Boss of Joseph asked him to sleep with her and he refused by jumping out of the window, he was fired. Potiphar’s wife asked for too much and something out of order with work. The Bible says, servants should obey their masters as unto the Lord.


  1. IN CHURCH: The spiritual authority men of God carry is primarily for their churches and secondarily for the nation if such are prophets and moral leaders. Many of those we call ‘bishops’ have lost moral rectitude to lead in the nation because of being found to lean towards a ‘political preference’. That is why our country lacks true Moral Leaders because the politicians have spiked the hands of those who should speak ‘truth to power’. I cannot exert authority over another man’s flock; it is for those under my leadership in FOTA.


  1. SOCIAL LIFE: Sportsmen understand the role Umpires and Referees play in every game to give us pleasure in our social lives. They oversee the game and determine what happens during the match. I’ve seen referees (less paid of course) give marching orders to players (better paid and more popular) and coaches and they had to OBEY because doing otherwise would be considered REBELLION and may be sanctioned even further. That’s just the way it works in societies where things are in order.

I hope the above is clear and we can now shun Rebellion or else we shall consider you a WITCH.

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