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I’ve always felt one of the most difficult passages to obey in the Bible is found in Philippians 4 v 4, very simple instruction and directive yet extremely difficult to obey. However, since it is a mandate from scripture, I choose to believe it is not Impossible to carry out.

Apostle Paul commands by the Holy Spirit, ‘Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS, and again I say, Rejoice’

How possible is it for someone to live Happy everyday and always; to bubble with joy everywhere, to be cheerful always, be glad always, jump for joy and make merry regardless of situations around them? I’ve been wondering if it’s not just a biblical injunction that’s not meant to be obeyed by mortal men since to achieve happiness is the most important objective of human beings and also almost an impossible quest for all.

The Bible also says, ‘All scriptures are given by the inspiration of God and is PROFITABLE for doctrine, for reproof, for correction and INSTRUCTION in righteousness (right living).’ Therefore, this commandment to ‘Rejoice in the Lord Always’ should be seen in the light of the above purposes of scriptures. Hence, I must study the Bible more to find out how to obey this passage and unlock the keys to living a Happy Life always without being sad and melancholy.

This Covid19 pandemic has robbed many souls of happiness, joy and gladness because of the unpleasant changes in the way we live, worship, socialize and work today. It’s called the ‘new normal’ and many of us prefer our older ways’ to these new ways by far yet we are constrained by government to live by observing social distancing rules in addition to wearing face masks to protect us and our loved ones and this is beginning to affect our ‘Happiness…’

The answer to being Happy always is to REWIRE our Brains and Minds to think differently, I have always believed that the mind that thinks scripturally will always be more Peaceful and Happier than that mind that thinks secularly. The key is to REWIRE our minds and reprogram it to think or process information scripturally not secularly. I intend to Inspire you today on how to Be Happy Always without being Sad at all from scriptures.


  1. THANKFUL HEART: This is the most powerful key the heart and mind of any man can possess and cultivate. It takes a scripture focused mind to develop a grateful Heart in man. The Bible says, ‘in everything give Thanks, for this is the will of God concerning you’ (1 Thess. 5 v 18). Try to recall three things you are grateful for each day and you will find happiness bubbling out of your heart daily.


  1. FORGIVING HEART: I found out that the one of the deadliest vice the enemy uses to keep us from being happy is ‘unforgiveness’. It has robbed many from joy, stolen the peace from the hearts of men and crushed their ability to rise from terrible betrayals. Our Lord told us to forgive people seventy times seven daily which is almost impossible; meaning we should cultivate a Forgiving Heart if we are going to be Happy Daily.


  1. A HEART OF WORSHIP: This takes some deep spirituality and maturity to develop, I know many secular believers and nominal Christians may find this tough but it’s not something impracticable if we only allow our minds to focus more on God in worship and musing some lovely Christian tunes always. It’s the key to being Happy Always


  1. POSITIVE MIND AND HEART: To embrace positive energy is very important to living a Happy Life because of the power of positive thinking over negative thinking. Get the right stuff into your minds, control the news you watch, manage your heart like you manage your money, keep the right things inside and wrong things outside, then you shall find it easy to Be Happy Always.


  1. MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS: Now this is the prince of all counsels, do not embrace greed and expect to be Happy, the quest for money in life is the major reason why people are sad. A survey was done to find the happiest people on earth and the results are alarming because they are in India…the poorest people on earth were discovered to be the happiest people, meaning money can’t buy happiness. Live happily with your modest income.

I hope these counsels will suffice to help you REWIRE YOURSELF TO BE HAPPY.

Be Inspired!

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