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INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi Kasali

I had a conversation with a gentleman in the academia about the recent BBC eye on Africa documentary about Sex for Grades in our universities with mention of University of Lagos, his response triggered something in me that made my heart bleed because of his comments. He told me that the issue has been there for years and accused my ‘constituency’ (the church) of being guilty of the bigger sin – SILENCE. During the conversation, I had to brutally agree with his position, especially when one of the lecturers mentioned in the video doubled as a Pastor of one of the most conservative Pentecostal churches in Nigeria if not in the world.


It got me thinking and I recalled my Lecture at a friend’s 65th Birthday Colloquium about a month earlier, I had argued vigorously about ‘Building a Broken Society’, with Nigeria as a case study. My thoughts were that the rise in crime, corruption, moral decadence, kidnappings and the plethora of problems we have in the country is because of the Breakdown of MORALS and the deliberate weakening of Moral Institutions in the country.


Our Lord Jesus said in scriptures that Believers ‘are the Salt Of The earth and Light Of The World’ (Matt 5 v 13-15), we are to season the nation not sweeten it, we seem to have lost our saltiness as mentioned in the same passage hence the challenges we face in our today’s world. The church is the only solution to the rapidly declining morals in Nigeria and we must sort these issues out by changing our messages on the pulpits.




  1. GODLINESS WITH CONTENTMENT: The last time we taught this was probably in the 80s and now we teach young people to be discontent with everyone around and embrace greed. The church has failed the nation in teaching Godliness because we make Gain look like Godliness.
  2. PARENTAL HONOR COMES WITH A BLESSING: This is the only Commandment with a blessing, and we should teach this again, however, the downside to this, is that sadly, many parents are also teaching their children to become criminals because of money. Honour your parents on earth so that you may love long.
  3. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOURS AS YOURSELVES: The cardinal Moral Message is built on the Golden rule, which is ‘Do unto others what you want them to do unto you’, this can only be done when we Love our neighbours as ourselves. We have become so self-conceited and self-centred in our dispositions today.
  4. CHRISTIANITY WITHOUT ETERNITY IN VIEW IS RELIGION: This is very important for me as a person, we should teach more about where we shall spend our Eternity so that we will be more Heaven conscious without being earthly useless, unlike being prosperous on earth without any plans for eternity.
  5. DON’T COMPARE YOURSELVES WITH OTHERS BUT BE INSPIRED BY SOME: I love the adage that says, ‘it’s not all that glitters that’s gold’, that has been proven right with some of the recent arrests of some Nigerians by the FBI for fraud, even Forbes claimed one of the guys was a success by being swayed with glitters…we should be careful!


I hope we have been Inspired today. Keep your heart warm with Love towards God and Men.

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Be Inspired!

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