INSPIRE TODAY with Rev. Yomi KasaliIn another day, 2019 will roll away into history never to show up again and we shall be ushering in another year with mixed feelings depend on the kind of person you are. I want to Inspire you to move into the year with a WORD from the Lord.

One of the Bible kings that I love is Jehoshaphat, he would not go to war without ‘hearing’ God clearly on His Will, he always asked his neighbours about the ‘Word’ of the Lord before going to war and we should all learn from this king as well. How many people are asking God for a Word as we move into the next decade? It is very important for us to have something to HOLD ON TO as we glide into the next year and decade, else we shall grope in the dark without clarity of purpose and intent.

‘But Jehoshaphat said, is there not here a prophet of the Lord, that we may enquire of the Lord by him. And one of the king of Israel’s servants answered and said, here is ELISHA …which purée water on the hands of Elijah. Jehoshaphat said, THE WORD OF THE LORD IS WITH HIM….’ (2 kings 3 v 11-12).

The above passage speaks about my desire for everyone reading this article now, please do not go into 2020 without a WORD FROM THE LORD. No two years are alike, the months may be the same, the days but the year aren’t the same, the battles are not the same, the challenges are not the same, the opposition will not be the same, the outcome can only be guaranteed by someone who has gone through the year and has a plan for you.

Prophecy is the link and bridge between today and tomorrow. I will be writing on Prophecy next week in the new year but right now, let me share 5 reasons you should spend the last few hours in a PROPHETIC church during the watchnight Service. All pastors do not have the Word of the Lord with them according to the above passage, some are simply teachers while some are prophets.


  1. GOD KNOWS AND OWNS TOMORROW (ISA. 46 V 10): The Bible tells us that God knows and Own’s tomorrow, in fact He declares the end (December 2020) from the beginning (January 2020). I encourage you to approach Him to declare your end (December) from the very beginning (January).
  2. GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE (JER. 29 V 11-13): The Bible tells us that God is thinking about your future and has thoughts of peace in addition to having good things in store for you (1 Cor 2 v 9-12; Psalm 31 v 19). The coming year looks bright and great for those who will align their ways and thoughts with His own for them.
  3. GOD REVEALS THE PLANS THROUGH HIS SERVANTS THE PROPHETS (AMOS 3 V 7): The plans of God for us are revealed to us through His servants the Prophets not CNN or Google. Many people are going to begin to google what to do in 2020 while others are digging through scriptures and listening to Servants of God.
  4. THE METHOD OF REVELATION IS CALLED AND KNOWN AS PROPHECY OR THE PROPHETIC (GEN. 18 V 17; PSALM 25 V 14): There are different kinds of Word from the Lord, the Prophetic is directional and revelatory. This is what people should yearn to hear at this point of the year, not the ‘instructional’ that pastors and teachers teach, this has a very great place for our spiritual development.
  5. PEOPLE HAVE A CHOICE TO MAKE BY BELIEVING THE PROPHETIC OR DOUBTING IT (HEB. 4 V 2-3): This is the mystery of the Prophetic, everyone has a choice to believe or doubt. If People do not believe, it does not make God a liar and the Word ineffective (Rom. 3 v 3-4 ). I ask you to believe and go on to your Land of Fruitfulness in Jesus name.

See you In The Next Decade, 2020. I hope you have been Inspired and Shalom.

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