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One of the most thrilling biblical stories for me is the Rise and Fall of King Saul in Israel; someone who was a nobody being lifted up to prominence without any connection with the Priestly order became the first king of Israel, a product of the clamour of the people, raised up from obscurity and shot into eminence within a jiffy. The big BUT is that he didn’t manage success well at all and he eventually fell flat and David penned down a poem after him and for his kind.

‘The beauty of Israel is slain upon thy high places and How Are The Mighty Fallen….how are the mighty fallen and the weapons of war perish’ (2 Sam 1 v 19-27).

The modern-day church is obsessed with the liftings of the Mighty and success of the believer so much that we have ignored the sustainable of the Mighty after their prominence. We prepare men for Greatness not Goodness; we conveniently forget that many in scriptures have been Mighty yet Fallen because of some things that were left undone.

I want to Inspire my readers today on how to ‘Prevent a Fall’ not just on how to ‘Produce a Rise’ as we often teach on Sundays and preach during Conventions. It is rather important for us to take a closer look at the other side of the coin so that we do not become a Samson who fell from grace, a Saul who was crushed in battle or a Satan who was thrown down to earth from the glorious place in heaven.


  1. CHARACTER MATTERS: I have taught and will continue to push for a Character focused church not charisma. People today act like Character can be thrown out of the window while we pursue cash or charm, but I will always choose character above the latter any day anytime.


  1. PEOPLE COUNT: Those who fall disregard People and only use them instead of loving them. Relationships count in life and I run from believers who despise people and move on quickly from long standing relationships. If you want to know a good man, check his surroundings, if you cannot find people around him who have been there for decades, run from him.


  1. WEAPONS FAIL: I have noticed with disgust the premium placed on weapons in life above God. I feel bad that we usually think battles are won with weapons, strategy and errors from the enemy and not God. The mighty fell and their weapons of war perished in that passage above. Kindly place your trust in God not your skills, weapons, money and contacts.


  1. LOVE CONQUERS: Make sure you love always because it is going to come back someday to aid and help you from falling and prevent disaster from befalling you. Many people embrace titles and offices when successful and ignore simple virtues like loving even the unlovable. Dedicate your life to loving and it will certainly prevent you from falling.


  1. GRACE KEEPS: The last but surely not the least is Grace. This is my story and my song; it is called amazing grace and it is the main substance that kept David from falling unlike Saul and Samson. Grace is from God and many are kept today by Grace and not works of the flesh or their certificates. Let us all celebrate Grace and we shall reap the fruits of Grace in 2020.

I will like to stop here and will probably do a sequel next week on How To Produce A Rise since we have gone through How To Prevent A Fall.

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