Music: Ray Chella – My Body ft. Sean Dampte




RAY CHELA AND SEAN DAMPTE RIDE AFROPOP TWIN SCOOTER ON AN EASY NEW SOUND, ‘MY BODY’ The craft becomes effortless for a singer who commits to consistency and he tends to pave a path for incoming craftsmen also on a seemingly facile terrain. Sean Dampte’s history in the music industry cannot be overstated as a record of numberless releases, features, gigs, talent detection and overall culture. He makes the drill painless for Raye Chella, born Racheal Damilola – an Oyo State-born songstress of the late 90s descent whose dreams from posting song covers on Instagram woke to the reality of being discovered by Sean Dampte. Raye Chella’s underground days entailed her graduation year from the University of Ekiti where she was known to be a promising star. Consistency would also be said of her in her hierarchy of creativity as this afforded her a perfect fit in Sean Dampte’s capacity on the joint track, ‘My Body.’ The duo made perfect easy music that can be registered as an Afropop sound clinging towards a classic Afrobeats melded with barely hidden Amapiano details. They both ensured to have absolute fun on the track just like a twin scooter ride. Ray Chela fosters high hopes in her career sojourn and she possesses the currency of its fruition. Makeup what you may but I insist that you listen and enjoy the track that will be with us for decades.

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