I have been in Isolation for some weeks in obedience to the Government’s directive to stay at home, so that we don’t get infected by this deadly virus. Recently, I’ve also noticed from the conversations I’ve had with people that, it’s now becoming ‘Desolation’ to many people who feel deprived from companionship of their loved ones outside their homes.

Let’s take a deep breath and think about the words Isolation and Desolation for a minute. Take an evaluation not your response to this ‘stay at home’ order and answer if you’ve felt isolated by choice or force or also feel desolate. They are different and it’s for our good indeed.

My concern today is to share God’s opinion on the matter with you and possibly inspire you that this started from God but in a different way. I found a scripture that Inspired me greatly on the concept of Isolation not Desolation, it’s what Paul told the Corinthian Church, ‘…come out from among them, and be ye SEPARATE, says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing (Covid19) and I will receive you’ (2 Cor 6 v 17)Amazing revelation that God isn’t against Isolation (separation) so that His people don’t get contaminated or infected.

There are many naive believers who think self isolation is a ploy to stop the church from growing and the plan of the anti Christ to start the New World Order, well I totally disagree with those notions and choose to believe that God wants us protected and isolated if that is the only way to get to that point. Someone else might want to say, isn’t God Almighty and can do all things? Why can’t we believe Him to Preserve us whether in isolation or not…well, you might want to read that passage again…Touch Not Any Unclean Thing.

I don’t want us in desolation but in isolation towards our well being and sound health. This means God Himself knows that there are some deadly and hazardous things or viruses that we should not TOUCH hence, the way to be safe is by being separated from such things that can contaminate us. He was speaking about the alliance of Light and Darkness, partnership between a Believer and Infidel, Accord between Christ and Belial etc.


  1. STAY SAFE AND SAVED: We should do everything to stay ‘safe’ physically by avoiding social gatherings, yet we should not get involved in things that will make us lose our ‘salvation’ in Christ by backsliding from Christ. So, Stay Safe and Saved.


  1. SELF-ISOLATE NOT LIVE IN DESOLATION: Be careful not to deprive yourself of good fellowship using digital means. Ensure you attend regular church services online and prayer meetings as well. Use this opportunity to fight loneliness even when you feel alone.


  1. STAY MENTALLY FIT NOT JUST PHYSICALLY FIT: I’m more worried about the mental state of many people out there especially believers who are used to living in ‘church’ premises and campgrounds because their isolation may backfire and as such lose their minds. Remember, ‘God has not given us the spirit of Fear but of love, power and SOUND MIND.’ Keep your mind healthy.


  1. DON’T EMBRACE FEAR BUT LIVE BY FAITH: This is simply from the above verse; Fear is of the enemy and we can only please God by living in faith. Ensure you don’t get bugged down with the plethora of bad news on television or other medium because it’s going to put more fear in your heart than faith. Don’t be afraid but look forward to the good times ahead of you after covid19.


  1. LOOK BEYOND COVID19: The greatest proof of faith is to ‘look ahead’ and not sink in today’s plight. You must start planning to start your life, work, friends, church, money plans and dreams after covid19. This shall pass away soon and then we shall all get back to our normal lives. Don’t stop ‘dreaming’ because of this challenge.

I hope you have been Inspired to live for Him even during this pandemic crisis on the face of the earth.

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