VIDEO & AUDIO: Mikun – M.Y.D

Stunning visuals are brought your way in a new music video from the fast-rising Nigerian singer Mikun, coming off of the success of his previous track ‘Angelina which features Icontrolla, the talented Mikun delivers his new track M.Y.D which is an acronym for Miss You Die. In the song, Mikun gives a lovesick performance about how tender a Yourba man’s heart really is when dealing with rejection. The beat was self-produced by Mikun as well which served as a testament to his versatility as an artist overall, with its mid-tempo flow that he was able to perfectly time and match with his vocals. The video was created by the very talented Ibukhun Odunaiya, who was mused by song into finding a location that perfectly suited the afro-beat vibe, with its grassroots backdrop. The use of different coloring scales also greatly helped as majority of the greyscale scenes were done while Mikun was singing on his own, while moments of him together with his girl were filled with color. Altogether it ended up being a collaboration we’re more than happy to get and can only hope to see more of.


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